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Non-contact throughput measurement of bulk solids

October 2012 Mass Measurement

WeighTrac is a radiation-based sensor for precise determination of the feed rate of bulk solids. Its non-contact measurement principle uses gamma radiation and is ideally suited for mass flow measurement on conveyers, while the frame construction allows simple installation, whether as new or as a retrofit.

WeighTrac is the radiation-based alternative to mechanical belt weighers: it delivers the flow rate as well as the summed throughput of bulk solids on conveyor belts or in screw conveyors. The radiation-based measuring method detects material flow reliably even on wide conveyor belts, allowing the system to be retroactively installed on existing conveyance systems without great effort.

Radiation-based flow rate measurement is based on radiation absorption by layers of bulk solids – these attenuate the gamma radiation in proportion to the quantity and density of the material. WeighTrac calculates the mass throughput from the intensity of the incoming reflected radiation and the speed signal from the tachometer.

The well-proven plics concept, in conjunction with WeighTrac, makes setting up and operating a flow rate measuring system extremely simple. Setup and commissioning of the system is easily carried out on a PC with the help of DTM/FDT technology supported by intuitive menus and intelligent assistants. As an option, the indicating and adjustment module PlicsCom can be used for on-site indication of the measured value.

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