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Decoding the world of direct part marks

October 2023 Data Acquisition & Telemetry

Direct part marks (DPMs) are the language of industry – codes, symbols and text etched or printed directly onto parts, defying the limitations of labels. Often taking the form of data matrix or QR codes, DPMs play an important role in traceability across various sectors, particularly in the automotive and electronics manufacturing industries. DPM codes provide a permanent mark that resists removal or damage, allowing cradle to grave traceability.

OMRON has unveiled its latest breakthrough, the V450-H ultra-rugged handheld scanner. Tailored specifically for industrial DPM reading, this innovative device sets new industry standards for durability and performance. With a focus on reliability and ease of use, the V450-H is poised to revolutionise DPM scanning across a wide range of industries.

It offers a cutting-edge solution to tackle the challenges of industrial direct part mark reading. With its advanced X-Mode decoding algorithms, the scanner ensures consistent readability of even the most damaged, distorted or complex directly marked codes, achieving remarkable decode rates.

For more intricate scanning tasks, the V450-H offers the WebLinkPC user interface – a user-friendly and intuitive configuration tool. This interface streamlines the setup process, making it easy to optimise the scanner in challenging applications. Whether for high-density codes or specialised requirements, the V450-H can adapt with ease.

Equipped with an IP65-sealed charging station, the V450-H guarantees seamless data transmission and reception over Bluetooth, within an impressive range of up to 100 metres. The cordless scanner boasts an exceptional capacity of over 50 000 scans per full charge, enhanced by the onboard battery gauge that optimises operational efficiency. This high level of connectivity and endurance ensures uninterrupted productivity in demanding environments.

In industrial environments the V450-H does not just meet expectations, it surpasses them. Its robust housing is engineered to endure the harshest conditions, including 2,45 metre drops and exposure to a variety of industrial fluids and chemicals, including motor oil and brake fluid. Meeting the IEC-60068-2-31 standard for rough handling, and the ISO-16750-5 chemical resistance standard, the V450-H is purpose-built to operate in the most challenging manufacturing settings.


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