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Advanced switchgear for enhanced performance and cost savings

September 2023 Electrical Power & Protection

MV Switchgear, a division of ACTOM and provider of innovative electrical solutions, has launched its latest product, the SBV4XE switchgear. Developed as a successor to the highly successful SBV4 and SBV4E models, the SBV4XE represents a significant advancement in switchgear technology, incorporating a wide range of modern features that deliver superior performance, functionality and cost savings.

Since the early 1990s, the SBV4, and later SBV4E withdrawable pattern switchgear ranges have been widely acclaimed in southern Africa for their low profile, compactness, robustness, and adaptability, making them ideal for applications with space constraints. Building upon these features, MV Switchgear embarked on developing the SBV4XE in mid-2017 to further enhance the switchgear’s capabilities.

Rhett Kelly, MV Switchgear’s design and development manager, said: “In developing the SBV4XE, we sought to retain the outstanding features of our previous models, while introducing a host of significant improvements. Drawing upon our extensive experience in switchgear manufacturing spanning 50 years, we have reimagined the SBV4E product, incorporating advanced technologies and cost-effective solutions.”

The SBV4XE showcases a range of cutting-edge features, setting a new standard for switchgear performance and efficiency:

• Enhanced mechanisms: The spring and cam follower mechanisms have been redesigned to utilise alternative materials; reducing costs without compromising reliability.

• Efficient operations: The opening and closing releases require less energy, resulting in improved energy efficiency compared to previous SBV models.

• Reduced maintenance: With a lower parts count, the circuit breaker operating mechanism requires less maintenance, leading to reduced overall ownership costs.

• Cost-competitive assembly: The vacuum interrupter pole assembly is more cost-competitive, ensuring affordability without sacrificing quality.

• Emission reduction: Arc cooling pressure relief devices have been integrated into the housing assembly, mitigating emissions during internal arc faults.

• Optimised manufacturing: The housing assembly is now bolted and riveted instead of welded, streamlining production and offering inherent corrosion resistance.

• Lightweight and durable: Most components are manufactured using aluminium and zinc-coated steel sheeting, providing corrosion resistance and enhanced galvanic bonding properties.

• Improved circuit breaker carriage: The redesigned carriage features a swivel-wheel chassis, allowing for 360° rotation and effortless manoeuvrability outside the housing assembly.

• Enhanced gears: The circuit breaker mechanism gears combine polymeric and steel materials, resulting in an 80% reduction in steel usage compared to traditional gears.

• User-friendly design: The circuit breaker carriage latching, interlocking, and racking mechanism has been redesigned to enhance ease of operation, simplicity and functionality.

• Advanced current transformers: The ring bar and base current transformers (CTs) utilise epoxy resin insulation with an earth-screened bar primary and toroidal core (ring-type) CTs.

Donovan Stevens, ACTOM Switchgear Division CEO, said, “The SBV4XE represents a significant leap forward in switchgear technology. Its innovative features and cost-saving enhancements offer our customers unparalleled value, reliability and ease of use. We are excited to introduce this groundbreaking solution to the market.” Mervyn Naidoo, group CEO of ACTOM, added, “At ACTOM, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge electrical solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers. The SBV4XE is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence, and we are confident that it will set new benchmarks in the industry."

For more information contact Mamiki Matlawa, ACTOM, +27 10 136 0200, mamiki.matlawa@actom.co.za, www.actom.co.za


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