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WLS15 Pro series strip light

July 2021 System Integration & Control Systems Design

Turck Banner’s new WLS15 Pro comes in Pro Editor, IO-Link, or Pick-IQ compatible models. The Pro Editor software allows users to program device status, colours and animations for control via three discrete inputs. The application-based interface makes it easy to configure a light for a wide range of applications such as displaying machine warmup time, indicating unique steps in an assembly process, showing distance and position information and communicating multiple machine states. Pro Editor models are discretely controlled and ideal for users who do not have IO-Link, but who want control and customise visually communicated information.

Advanced animations for mobile robotics

The WLS15 Pro offers a total of 19 colours for dynamic indication. Visible status can be used to guide operators or communicate upcoming machine movements. Advanced users with IO-Link or Pick-IQ models have total control over the entire light to indicate alarm states, display position information and more. Additionally, mobile equipment warning signals can be used to communicate movement more effectively. The WLS15 Pro features a low-profile housing with integral mounting and low power consumption.

Dynamic communication

IO-Link and Pick-IQ models allow for dynamic control – reacting to commands from an IO-Link or Modbus Master – and have additional modes that discrete units do not. IO-Link enables users to change device parameters from the control system as needed, such as during product changeover, which reduces downtime and allows machines to accommodate greater product diversity. These models can be divided in up to 10 segments for applications like assembly guidance or pick-to-light. They also offer unique LED colour control to provide advanced users with total control. The WLS15 Pro with IO-Link or Pick-IQ models help reduce costs, increase process efficiency and improve machine availability.

Flexible indication capabilities for material handling

The WLS15 Pro provides locational status guidance for pick-to-light and assembly applications. It offers long range visibility of material level, temperature and weight, so operators can monitor machine status from a distance and respond quickly to changes. The lights can also be used for advanced indication in applications, such as operator guidance, work zone status and machine condition display.


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