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Digital transformation in mining

July 2021 IT in Manufacturing

In recent years, the world has witnessed a rapid increase in the consumption of commodities, due largely to the rising trends in urbanisation and industrialisation. The mining, mineral processing and metals (MMM) industry plays a critical role in this growth. Commodity consumption therefore continues to be a significant driver for the MMM industry.

Rapid advances in technology have disrupted industries and businesses around the world, which are now being forced to accept this new reality rather quickly because the new technologies have tremendous potential to deliver value for those who adopt them.

The mining industry has experienced many challenges over the last few decades with regards to productivity. According to McKinsey research, mining operations are as much as 28% less productive today than a decade ago. McKinsey also states that the profitability of mining over the past three years has decreased. However, the adoption of new technologies and the implementation of digitalisation can help mines to reduce complexities, improve overall productivity and optimise operational performance.

Endress+Hauser offers a broad range of devices with Heartbeat Technology to help optimise mining processes. Heartbeat Technology breathes life into devices in the following ways:

• Devices continuously show their status: from the sensor to the output signal.

• Users receive diagnostic coverage up to 98%.

• Full texts give clear guidelines on any action that needs to be taken.

• Everything at a glance: efficient maintenance according to actual needs.

• Plant availability is increased and unnecessary shutdowns avoided.

Real-time data for smooth mining operations

What does this mean for engineers on site? Engineers are now be able to commission, run diagnostics or perform a verification test without physically touching the device. This leads to flexibility in mining operations, increased productivity, greater safety and lowering costs.

While productivity globally has declined, the harnessing of data and the utilisation of automated systems offers the potential to enhance the efficiency and safety of mining operations. The IIoT is transforming operations around the world and the mining industry is in a prime position to benefit from the adoption of digital technology across its operations. There is no longer any need to wait because the technology has matured and is ready to be implemented.

How to ingrate the IIoT into your plant?

Netilion is a cloud service offered by Endress+Hauser, which demonstrates the intelligent utilisation of data and information from field instrumentation. While the data already exists, the Netilion applications allow users to take advantage of it through the Netilion cloud-based ecosystem, which enables intelligent and connected applications for the IIoT.

When combined with Heartbeat technology and Netilion applications, this data enables predictive maintenance. The information also provides an indication of operational reliability and process safety. In addition, since instruments now automatically monitor their own condition, manual inspection cycles can be reduced.

Exploit the potential of the IIoT and connect Heartbeat Technology with cloud services:

• Combine monitoring data with the Endress+Hauser Predictive Analytics app to calculate the optimum date for maintenance.

• Be informed when maintenance is due by a message on your smartphone.

• Connect the data with other business processes via cloud to automatically place replacement orders via e-procurement.

• Automatic delivery to operation site at optimal date for exchange.

• Integrate data of devices with different fields of application.

Automate processes analysis while saving money

Within the MMM industries, digitalisation transforms key aspects at all stages of the value chain. Digital transformation in mining connects people, technology and processes to achieve strategic organisational transformation and stay ahead of the curve.

For more information contact Endress+Hauser South Africa, +27 11 262 8000,,

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