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PMV D30 smart digital positioner from V&A

January 2021 Editor's Choice

Over the last decades, the process plant instrument technician’s day in the plant has become busier. They see an increased work load in combination with increased pressure for plant uptime and reduced maintenance cost.

Their knowledge base must today span from mechanics to pneumatics, and hydraulics to data communication, i.e., system level interaction. They get less time to learn how to handle new instruments and to read IOM manuals. Knowledge on how to handle older design process instrumentation, based on springs, bellows, cams and manual calibration, is getting lost. With this in mind, PMV designed a simple to use yet very advanced modular digital positioner, which can be used on rotary or linear actuators, both single and double acting.

The PMV D30

The PMV D30 digital positioner is an advanced engineering design that offers reliable and precise valve control, yet it is simple to set up and easy to calibrate. Based on proven digital technology, it features a large, high-performance spool valve controlled by a unique intelligent control algorithm. A graphical LCD and LEDs allow for local operation, configuration and calibration. It suits both rotary and linear moving valves actuated by double or single acting spring return actuators. Plug-in modules for limit switches and pressure sensors for advanced diagnostic are available using the ValveSight software, which enables optimisation and predictive maintenance, reducing cost and improving service levels.

Up and running in minutes

Simply take the D30 out of its box and mount it to your valve actuator – single or double acting, rotary or linear. Connect input signal and air supply. Press and hold the Up and Down keys for 5 seconds and the auto calibration sequence starts. It’s completed in less than a minute.

For many positioners it is crucial to set the shaft in the correct position before installing it onto an actuator and running auto calibration; if done wrong, severe and costly damage can occur. Thanks to the built-in spring-loaded shaft with a friction clutch in the D30, it will self-adjust itself to suit the actuator. Since the shaft can rotate freely through 360 degrees, nothing can break.


Since the PMV D30 can be used for both rotary and linear motion control valves, controlled by a single or double acting actuator, a plant can standardise on one positioner for simplified operation and maintenance. Thanks to the spool valve design with high air delivery capacity, the use of booster valves on larger size actuators is no longer needed. For small volume actuators, the advanced control algorithm in the D30 offers precise and accurate control.


With multiple global approvals for use in hazardous areas, together with a SIL 3 certificate, the D30 is the perfect choice for chemical and petrochemical industries and their stringent requirements.


Every control valve has its own requirements and needs, which could be anything from gauges, to positioning the transmitter, or even limit switches. With its modular design, the PMV D30 can be tailored to most needs. Plug-in limit switches, a 4-20 mA position transmitter, or silencers can be added to the positioner at any stage. For advanced diagnostics, pressure sensors can be added and used together with the ValveSight software.


PMV ValveSight is an FDT/DTM-based, proactive diagnostic solution for process and control valves that can be integrated into a DCS or AMS system, which improves system efficiency without compromising safety and reliability.

This user friendly and free-of-charge software monitors the valve assembly 24/7 and the data is saved and stored inside the positioner. It can be retrieved anytime and is not lost in case of loss of input signal/power as all data is saved in the D30 positioner.

ValveSight monitors the health of the valve, actuator, positioner and control signal, and displays it in an easy-to-understand bar graph format. The data is divided into online and offline diagnostics. Offline tests include step and ramp tests to check the valve’s performance and stroke times. ValveSight integrates seamlessly with existing host systems using open standards and can be retrofitted with existing control valves.

Features and benefits

• Spring loaded solid metal shaft eliminates play in mounting linkage and improves control accuracy.

• Spring mounted inside the enclosure so it is protected and always active.

• Friction clutch for position sensor means the shaft can rotate freely through 360° without damaging the feedback sensor.

• High air delivery capacity for fitment to a wide range of actuators eliminates costly volume boosters in many cases.

• Easy to use: quick setup, configuration and calibration.

• Language options: programming in eight local languages.

• Sturdy cover with indicator: durability and visibility.

Optional extras

• 4-20 mA position transmitter.

• HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus.

• Bolt-on gauge block.

• Plug-in pressure sensors.

• Direct and remote mounting version.

• 270° display rotation.

• Silencers.

• Plug-in limit switches.

• ValveSight software (free of charge).


An LCD and 5 push-buttons provide simple menu navigation. Auto-calibration is completed in less than a minute whenever two buttons are simultaneously pressed, while LEDs provide instant indication of the following:

• Green – normal operation.

• Yellow – valve fully open/closed.

• Red – alarm active.

Mounting kits and remote mounting

PMV offer many mounting kits and accessories to make the D30 a perfect fit for controlling all major types of valve. Mounting options include brackets and direct mounting for rotary and linear applications.

Remote mounting is a solution for demanding process conditions such as extreme temperatures, vibrations or dusty environments. It is also a solution for long-stroke linear valves, or valves installed in locations that are difficult to access. Maximum suggested distance between a remote sensor and the D30 positioner is 10 metres.

Limit switches to indicate open or closed position can be added anytime to the D30. Users can select between SPDT mechanical or proximity switches and NAMUR 2-wire sensors.

Safety certification

For installation in hazardous areas, the D30 is approved intrinsically safe: ATEX, FM, CCC, TR-CU, INMETRO and SIL3.

For more information contact Desmond Delport, Valve & Automation, +27 11 397 2833, desmond.delport@valve.co.za, www.valve.co.za


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