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Simple acquisition of energy consumption values

November 2020 Electrical Power & Protection

In most industrial applications, energy data acquisition is standard practice. Primarily, the aim is to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. To achieve this, users must install measurement technology that will quickly and easily provide them with the data they require. By developing the new components of the EMpro product family, Phoenix Contact has found a solution that satisfies precisely these requirements. The wide product range gives users a choice of three different device types for front panel installation and DIN rail installation, with or without display.

Ease of configuration

With EMpro, energy measurement is easy. When the device is started up for the first time, an installation wizard immediately appears to guide users through the basic configuration process. Also at the commissioning stage, users can decide whether they want to carry out the basic configuration using the buttons on the device or integrated web server, which is available via the integrated Ethernet interface. In either case, the EMpro components can initially be configured in a few steps.

Basic configuration begins with configuring the IP network into which the device is to be integrated. Whether via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) or a static IP address, users can easily set up their IP networks. Next, they select the network type of their application, so the EMpro device can adjust to it. Finally, users have the option to flexibly set the current measurement input from the primary and secondary sides. After checking the device configuration in the configuration overview, users exit the basic configuration. The EMpro device begins acquiring data immediately and is consequently in operating mode.

Current transducers

Phoenix Contact offers two current measurement variants for coupling the current sensors. On the one hand, conventional current transformers with a maximum primary current of 20 000 A can be coupled. 1 A or 5 A secondary current can be set in any current transformer variant. On the other hand, Rogowski coils can be connected directly. A measuring transducer, which as a rule is necessary for signal conversion, is no longer required since the mV signal of the Rogowski coil is processed directly. This reduces the time required to install the converter. In addition to the various in-house Rogowski coils that can be selected for configuration, for the first time, EMpro devices can directly process all commercially available Rogowski coils.

Faster troubleshooting

EMpro energy measuring devices are designed to be user-friendly and can be intuitively handled, especially via the integrated web server. This alternative contributes towards making day to day work considerably easier, particularly for users without specialist knowledge. EMpro components make operation according to the intended purpose easier for a variety of monitoring scenarios. With their smart device functions they also provide assistance with error detection and analytics within the framework of service and support. If measurements indicate that the previously set limits have been exceeded, the display will turn red. The benefit of this becomes obvious when many devices are used. In this case, users detect errors immediately, can classify them, and initiate appropriate measures.

Unauthorised access to the devices can be another problem. This is possible via the communication interface or if the password has not been changed on the device display. In these cases, the configuration of EMpro components can be deactivated via the buttons. Users are then only able to read off the values shown on the display. This effectively excludes the possibility of manipulation via the buttons. All device types in the new EMpro product family include an integrated Ethernet interface which permits unauthorised access to the components. The Ethernet interface can therefore also be switched off here to prevent third parties from using the device to access the network. In this case, only the buttons and Ethernet interface are deactivated.

Importing and exporting configuration files directly

EMpro components provide additional smart device functions, especially in relation to the handling of data. For example, users can export and import configuration files to save time during configuration and commissioning. In this instance configuration files can be transferred directly, which is an even simpler alternative to data transmission. If the components are in the same network, the overall and sub-configurations of the devices can be directly transmitted to other participants in the network. This makes it easier to commission several EMpro energy measuring devices in two decisive respects: intuitive handling, and less time required.


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