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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide


Profile of the SAIMC
March 2011, SAIMC

Originally founded in 1957 as The Instrument and Control Society of Southern Africa, the name was subsequently changed to the SAIMC to accommodate new developments in the industry. The name was further changed in 2009 to The Society for Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control to embody the Society’s international nature.

Vivian MacFadyen, 
general secretary SAIMC
Vivian MacFadyen, general secretary SAIMC


To advance the standards of theory and practice in the fields of measurement and control through:

* The achievement of the highest possible industry recognition for the Society and its members.

* Ensuring that adequate measurement and control standards of education and appropriate curricula are available at secondary and tertiary levels of education and promoting mentor ship programmes.

* Encouraging continuing education and training to ensure that the knowledge and skills of all members are continually developed and refreshed.

* Providing a communication forum for the regular exchange of ideas, applications and technologies between members.

* Promoting, locally and internationally, friendships, alliances and business opportunities at all levels in professional yet informal surroundings.

* Disseminating and communicating relevant information to the members and stakeholders in a controlled and coordinated manner.

* To develop and improve, through effective means, the necessary terminology and standards in measurement and control theory and technology.

* The provision of an administrative system which will at all times ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the Society.

Core values

* To strive to create an environment in which ideas and progress can be cultivated.

* To operate in an open and transparent atmosphere, continuously challenging and improving our relevance to our members and the industry.

* To contribute to the upliftment and wellbeing of all groups in southern Africa, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, by promoting career prospects and advancement in all directions of the measurement and control industries.

* To maintain and improve standards and quality systems associated with the industry.

Corporate status

The Society is a body-corporate having perpetual succession notwithstanding any change in the number or identity of its members from time to time. The Society is a Section 21 Company, a voluntary association of ECSA and is BEEE compliant to Level 4. Members and patrons enjoy:

* Continuing training to ensure that the knowledge and skills of all members are continually developed and refreshed.

* A communication forum for the regular exchange of ideas, applications and technologies between members.

* The opportunity to meet socially with peers for entertainment and relaxation.

* The development and improvement, of the terminology and standards in measurement and control technology.

* SA Instrumentation & Control magazine posted free to members within the Republic of South Africa.

Patrons further enjoy:

* Recognition of companies committed to the advancement of theory and practice in the fields of automation instrumentation, measurement and control and those who have significantly invested in their staff.

* Active recruitment into the industry of potential candidates to ensure that the Patrons obtain the services of the best our country has to offer.

* When companies have employed personnel it is important that they remain updated with all the latest technologies associated with this industry. The SAIMC plays a major role in educating its members for the benefit of patron members.

* The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) has developed a mechanism by which professionals may participate in the continuous development of their professionals. The SAIMC is one of the voluntary associations that evaluate and grade training material. As a patron you are entitled to a 30% reduction in the evaluation fee. This benefit can more than cover the cost of becoming and remaining a Patron member of the SAIMC.

* The controlled use of the SAIMC logo in marketing material showing your customers that you are actively committed to providing them superior service.

For more information contact SAIMC, 08610 SAIMC,,

Supplied By: SAIMC
Tel: 086 107 2462
Fax: 086 651 5238
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