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Rugged HMI panel computer for oil and gas
January 2017, SCADA/HMI

Oil and gas operations are often performed in harsh environmental conditions, such as blisteringly hot or freezing cold temperatures. High exposure to dust and water as well as a potentially explosive atmosphere makes things even more challenging. Moxa’s rugged 19-inch panel computer, the EXPC-1519, is UL certified for Zone 2 applications in hazardous environments, can operate reliably in the -40 to 70°C temperature range, and can boot up within 3 minutes at -40°C without a heater. The EXPC-1519 is an ideal choice for the harsh environments of a drilling rig or an oil refinery.

Superior control and monitoring

The unit features a 19-inch 1000-nit sunlight readable touch-screen that can be operated even through rigger’s gloves. Equipped with the Intel Core i7-3555LE or Celeron processor with up to 2,5 GHz speed, the EXPC-1519 guarantees the high performance that is required in advanced scada applications, such as rig-floor monitoring, drilling control and onsite IP surveillance.

It is designed to operate in a temperature range of -40 to 70°C in a fanless enclosure designed for efficient heat dissipation, making it a good fit for use in hot environments such as an oil rig. In extremely cold environments, down to -40°C, the panel computer can boot up in 3 minutes without a heater. The panel computer is also certified against Class 1 Division 2, ATEX Zone 2, IECEx, and NEMA 4X/ IP66 industrial standards to provide maximum protection in harsh operating environments.

Designed to minimise downtime

Equipment failure in remote applications such as oil rigs and refineries might result in high costs and production delays. The EXPC-1519 with its fanless design, cable gland connectors and IP66 waterproof enclosure, is built to withstand harsh outdoor environments. The two-piece modular design means that broken parts can be replaced easily and with minimum downtime. These features of the EXPC-1519 ensure minimum maintenance cost and time, thereby maximising the system uptime.

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