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Precision shaft alignment

January 2024 Motion Control & Drives

The powerful Fluke 831 Laser simplifies precision shaft alignment and saves thousands in downtime and energy waste by making it practical to align most machines in a facility.

Misalignment causes at least half of all damage to rotating machinery. Instead of fixing the problem, teams often treat the symptoms of misalignment by replacing bearings, couplings and seals because they think alignment takes too long. Fluke’s 831 Laser Shaft alignment tool makes shaft alignment easy. It has an intuitive guided user interface that enables quick and complete shaft alignment, without advanced training or complicated programs.

It is easy to use, but still powerful enough for skilled technicians, with all the functionality needed on the plant floor, from thermal growth calculations to user-defined tolerances.

The Fluke 831’s features include:

• High performance and precise results: It leverages powerful features like unique extend mode to handle gross misalignment, and an integrated thermal growth calculator that automatically factors the dynamic machine changes into the result.

• Quick setup and intuitive user interface: It aligns coupled shafts in quick, easy steps.

• Adaptive alignment: It enables maintenance and reliability teams to address various horizontal, angular and vertical alignment challenges.

• Share data via the cloud: Its integrated Wi-Fi cloud solution easily transfers data from the Fluke laser alignment tool to the ARC 4.0 PC software.

The Fluke 831 allows shaft alignment to become a regular part of the maintenance routine. It leads to less energy consumption through the elimination of reaction forces inside rotating machinery; increased reliability; and increased maintenance intervals due to longer machine life.



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