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Vertical roller mills that contribute to sustainable mining
March 2024, Electrical Power & Protection

A significant amount of the energy consumed in ore processing can be attributed to the comminution process. Conventional comminution technologies are proven and reliable, but offer little process flexibility. However, there is a less energy-intensive and more sustainable solution – complete dry processing. This is possible with LOESCHE’s vertical roller mills.
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Fully digital vertical roller mills
November 2023, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Vertical roller mills are found in mining and cement milling operations worldwide. They require complex technology for their operation. As a leader in this field, LOESCHE has proven software solutions for digitalisation that can optimise each piece of milling equipment for energy efficiency, and increase its availability and output, making the plant easy to operate.
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Getting results with process optimisation and AI
October 2023, Editor's Choice, IT in Manufacturing

Cement is one of the most energy-intensive industries, and a typical cement plant consumes around 100 kWh of energy for each ton of production. LOESCHE’S software solution systems can automatically assess a vertical roller mill’s process parameters and help optimise power consumption, improve maintenance, reduce environmental issues and make the process sustainable.
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Artificial intelligence for plant optimisation and control
August 2023, IT in Manufacturing

Digitalisation and artificial intelligence have become a part of our lives, both personally and in our work environment. Meanwhile, economic pressures and dwindling global resources have added to the financial strain across all industries. The solution is simple, turn to technology.
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How to optimise your mill and kiln processes
July 2023, IT in Manufacturing

How to reduce the environmental impact of the cement, mining and minerals, and chemical industries through digitalisation.
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Simplifying documentation for the world’s smartest heavy industries
May 2023, Editor's Choice, IT in Manufacturing

The LOESCHE plant management platform, powered by Kingsblue, saves you a huge amount of time by allowing you to navigate your documents through all levels of your plant with just a few clicks.
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