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New product releases from SMC Corporation International Training
September 2020, Training & Education

To ensure a smooth transition and integration for learners from education institutes into industry, SMC International Training equipment is designed based on the latest automation technology used in industry.
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SMC launches wireless valve bank in SA
July 2020, Industrial Wireless

In response to customer demand for a reliable communication system, which could limit the number of cables needed to communicate between multiple valve banks/field sensors and a PLC, a wireless communication ...
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SMC steps up to support essential service customers through lockdown
June 2020, News

SMC Corporation South Africa, as a leading supplier of advanced pneumatic and electrical automation technology, has remained open and certified as an essential services supplier throughout lockdown. We ...
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SMC offers services as well as components
April 2020, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Besides being a leading supplier of industrial automation components, SMC South Africa also offers value-added services. One of these is in-house control panel design and construction. This takes a labour ...
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SMC is here to stay
August 2019, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

   Kim Roberts [KR]: How does SMC SA fit into SMC’s global vision and strategy?    Peter Findlay [PF]: SMC entered the South African market directly in 2015 as a subsidiary of SMC UK, and in turn as a subsidiary ...
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SMC has changed its name
December 2018, News

SMC Pneumatics South Africa now has a new name – SMC Corporation ZA. This name change reflects the growing range of non-pneumatic components being developed by SMC globally, thanks to the company’s continued ...
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SMC drives the automotive industry
January 2018, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Known for its support to the automotive industry, SMC offers a comprehensive line of pneumatic products which both meet and exceed the automotive industry's demanding manufacturing requirements. The result ...
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High precision gap checker sensor
January 2018, Sensors & Transducers

The recently launched ISA3 series of gap checker sensors from SMC offers several significant benefits to customers, including lowered air consumption, increased precision and reduced cabling work. The ...
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SMC sees early success with pneumatic panel offering
November 2017, News

In an effort to innovate and provide total engineering solutions while meeting demand, SMC recently expanded its local production offering to include the design and build of electro/pneumatic control ...
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SMC valve manifolds built to ­withstand cleaning
November 2017, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

In the food and beverage industry, hygiene is the order of the day. Many systems and parts need to withstand treatment with steam, high-pressure cleaning and aggressive cleaning agents, whilst also preventing ...
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Cut energy consumption and improve safety
October 2017, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

SMC Pneumatics has developed a series of standby valve solutions which can be incorporated into a system to reduce energy consumption, especially during brief, recurring equipment stoppages. With safety ...
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EnerMech now a stockist of SMC Pneumatics in Cape Town
September 2017, News

Thanks to a large consignment holding, EnerMech now boasts over 800 SMC Pneumatics stock items and a dedicated, knowledgeable team who are ready to help solve customer automation challenges. The seamless ...
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