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Meeting the challenges of water management with sensor technology
Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2022, Editor's Choice, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Holistic solutions for the automation and monitoring of plants are a key element for the efficient and sustainable water supply of the future.
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Fibre-optic position sensor
July 2022, Sensors & Transducers

With ifm’s new OCF sensor, fingernails and DIN-rails will remain intact during assembly and disassembly, and screwdrivers can stay in the toolbox.
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Pressure sensors for hygienic applications
June 2022, Editor's Choice, Pressure Measurement & Control

ifm’s new PI1xxx series offers measuring ranges from vacuum to 100 bar, communication via IO-Link 1.1, and resolution close to 20 000 steps.
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Flexible LED strip for illumination and signalling
May 2022, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

Triggering is via four digital inputs that can be used to produce the colours red, yellow, green, blue, cyan and purple, as well as pure white
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Pressure transmitters for mobile machines
May 2022, Pressure Measurement & Control

ifm electronic’s PT/PU-type sensors offer high vibration and shock resistance, a high degree of protection, and very good EMC resistance.
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Mobile data memory for IO-Link
April 2022, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

The DSU100 is a 128 KB FRAM data carrier which serves as a storage medium in industrial environments.
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2D vision sensor
April 2022, Sensors & Transducers

Thanks to its integrated daylight filter, ifm’s new Dualis is highly resistant to extraneous light and boasts powerful algorithms to meet demanding requirements.
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Small flush-mount pressure sensor
March 2022, Pressure Measurement & Control

Performance figures include high measuring accuracy to within ±0,5% and precise repeatability with ±0,05% tolerance.
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Draw-wire mechanisms for encoders
March 2022, Sensors & Transducers

Adverse effects on distance detection, for example those caused by dirt in the case of optical distance measurement, are mostly eliminated.
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Radar level sensor with IO-Link interface
March 2022, Level Measurement & Control

Its non-contact radar measuring principle prevents malfunctions or failures of the sensor caused by the adhesion of viscous media or damage from agitators.
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Robust ultrasonic sensor for level monitoring
March 2022, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Using IO-Link communication, distance values can be transmitted, parameters can be set, and diagnostic information can be retrieved remotely.
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IO-Link masters connect automation and IT worlds
March 2022, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Thanks to their special housing materials and high ingress resistance, they can be used in coolant applications or in wet areas in the food industry.
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