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Power quality at the service panel
October 2023, Electrical Power & Protection

Voltage sags, tripping breakers, overheated electrical panels, and excessive voltage levels indicate possible trouble in an electrical distribution system. Where do you begin the search to isolate the exact cause of these power quality problems?
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How air leak detection equipment prevents downtime
October 2023, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

One of Fluke’s customers is a manufacturer that literally helps keep the wheels of commerce moving. As one of the world’s foremost aftermarket manufacturers of wheel-services equipment, the company designs, builds and markets products under trusted and distinguished brands. Many of this manufacturer’s processes rely on compressed air to run around 400 tools.
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New high-performance multi-product calibrator
August 2023, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

The Fluke 5560A high-performance multi-product calibrator provides the broadest electrical workload coverage and highest accuracy.
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Calibration is key for food supplies
June 2023, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Sub-title: As tools for measuring food safety become more accurate and portable, all measuring devices must operate at maximum efficiency and have a traceable calibration record.
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Solar power market set for 2023 upswing
June 2023, Electrical Power & Protection

With the solar power sector expected to grow sharply throughout 2023, installation and testing engineers will need access to the best tools to work at optimum efficiency and safety.
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Adaptor kits test function and safety of vehicle charging stations
May 2023, Electrical Power & Protection

Comtest has introduced Fluke’s FEV300 test adaptor kits, designed to test the function and safety of vehicle charging stations, with charging mode 3 for AC charging.
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Solar multifunctional toolkit for up to date hardware measurement capabilities
May 2023, IT in Manufacturing

Fluke has introduced the Solar Multifunction Tester 1000 (SMFT-1000), the latest addition to its expanding line of solar tools.
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Commissioning a solar power system for maximum performance
March 2023, Electrical Power & Protection

Even with great engineering, no system is failproof. That’s where commissioning comes in, establishing a baseline of performance for customer acceptance and follow-on maintenance. Commissioning is important not only for photovoltaic system performance, but also for the longevity of equipment, safety, ROI, and warranties.
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Earth ground testing
February 2023, Electrical Power & Protection

Poor grounding not only increases the risk of equipment failure, it is dangerous. Facilities need to have adequately grounded electrical systems so that in the event of a lightning strike or utility overvoltage, current will find a safe path to earth.
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Predictive maintenance: be more proactive
January 2023, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Some of the jobs being performed by today’s technicians don’t even have names or descriptions yet and are being added ‘on the fly’ to keep up with today’s innovative tools and advanced equipment condition-monitoring ...
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Small field metrology wells
November 2022, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Designed for the industrial process environment, the Fluke 9142, 9143 and 9144 weigh less than 8,2 kg, and have a small footprint, making them easy to transport.
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Thermal cameras with leading-edge technology
October 2022, Temperature Measurement

Fluke’s Ti401 and TiX501 Pro series thermal cameras have been fine-tuned to make it easier for technicians, engineers and electricians to get to a problem’s root cause.
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