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Prioritising arc flash safety
February 2024, Electrical Power & Protection

Comtest has developed a range of thermal imaging and wireless testing tools from Fluke, designed to ensure safety is the top priority for engineers working in potentially dangerous arc flash zones.
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Easy to use energy management tool for compressed air
June 2024, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

For the efficient management of plant operations, the critical considerations include product quality, safety, downtime, and energy use. A production plant in Germany has set a greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal of 25% by 2030, and turned to the Plant Energy manager to help deliver that target.
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Common power quality factors affecting transformers
May 2024, Electrical Power & Protection

Commercial and industrial buildings commonly have a 208/120 V transformer in a delta-wye configuration to feed receptacles. Single-phase, non-linear loads connected to the receptacles produce triple harmonics, which add up in the neutral. When this neutral current reaches the transformer, it is reflected into the delta primary winding, which causes overheating and transformer failures.
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No more shocking, inaccurate insulation testing
May 2024, Electrical Power & Protection

Fluke has introduced the Fluke 1535 and 1537 2500 V insulation resistance testers, engineered to simplify frontline troubleshooting, whether on the factory floor or working in the field at a solar installation.
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Seaward testers power PV specialists
April 2024, Electrical Power & Protection

One of Asia’s leading clean energy specialists, Solarvest, uses the latest electrical safety test equipment to ensure the solar photovoltaic (PV) installations it services and maintains operate at peak performance levels.
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Cable locator for failsafe cable fault diagnostics
April 2024, Electrical Power & Protection

Accidentally hitting a power cable during a project can lead to costly repairs and create seriously hazardous safety situations. The Amprobe UAT-600 series locating kit from Comtest comes complete and ready for use with a transmitter, receiver, test lead kit, batteries and additional fuses, all in a mobile, protective duffle bag.
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Precision acoustic imagers
March 2024, Sensors & Transducers

To help users identify and localise ‘mechanical areas of interest’ within short timeframes, Comtest has added a unique new feature to Fluke’s ii910 precision acoustic imagers.
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Finding energy waste with power quality management
March 2024, Electrical Power & Protection

Saving energy and minimising energy waste are two of the most critical aspects of energy use. Energy saving means looking at your power consumption rates, and developing a power quality management energy-saving plan.
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Quality test tools save costs at pulp and paper mill
April 2024, Editor's Choice, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

A case study on how preventive maintenance and a few good test tools avoided unnecessary motor replacements at a pulp and paper company.
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Precision shaft alignment
January 2024, Motion Control & Drives

The powerful Fluke 831 Laser simplifies precision shaft alignment and saves thousands in downtime and energy waste by making it practical to align most machines in a facility.
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New advanced wire tracers
November 2023, Electrical Power & Protection

Comtest has launched two new wire tracers, with a safety rating of CAT IV 600 V, that simplify the process of tracing and troubleshooting of energised and de-energised wires in residential, commercial and industrial environments.
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Power quality at the service panel
October 2023, Electrical Power & Protection

Voltage sags, tripping breakers, overheated electrical panels, and excessive voltage levels indicate possible trouble in an electrical distribution system. Where do you begin the search to isolate the exact cause of these power quality problems?
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