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Machine upgrade at Rostberg
August 2020, System Integration & Control Systems Design

Ana-Digi Systems designs and delivers a state-of-the-art, reliable machine upgrade to match its client’s requirements of easy setup and low maintenance.
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PLCs and HMIs
Africa Automation Fair 2019 Preview, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Among the new state-of-the-art products on show at Stand E07 are Ana-Digi’s PLC range, which offers down to 8,5nS processing speeds and caters for systems up to 132 000 I/O, with full redundancy in processing ...
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LSIS achieves Ex rating for HMI range
Africa Automation Fair 2019 Preview, IS & Ex

LSIS is rolling out Ex certification for its entire range of HMIs. These products now carry a rating which allows for a maximum pollution degree 2 level. Mounting the HMIs into an IP54 enclosure ensures ...
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LSIS obtains Ex rating for HMI range
March 2019, IS & Ex

Starting with the iXP2 premium series of HMIs, in the latter half of 2018 LSIS began rolling out the Ex certification for the entire range of these exceptional products. The products carry the rating ...
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LSIS ready for 2019 and the future
January 2019, News

Over the past 14 years, since LS split from the LG umbrella, the company has made major strides towards becoming one of the world’s leading technology companies. Today, besides producing the well-known ...
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LSIS is changing perceptions
October 2018, News

Ana-Digi Systems saw the opportunity to become the importers and distributors of the LG premium brand of automation and drive products in 1999, and first took the LG automation systems to the Electro ...
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Ex and marine approval for LSIS equipment
January 2018, IS & Ex

Due to the dangers prevalent in petrochemical, mining and marine applications there is a need for equipment that is non-volatile and would by extension, not be the cause of explosions and fires. This ...
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Brewing up a storm is an artform
October 2017, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Controls from Ana-Digi master the science behind the art.
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Premium VFD control for HVAC and pumps
September 2017, Motion Control & Drives

With the implementation of HVAC systems, demands for proper control and safety are becoming less of a choice and more of a necessity. The LSLV-H100 offers features unique to HVAC and pump systems. Unlike ...
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Futuring smart energy
August 2017, Motion Control & Drives

The new single phase LSLV-M100.
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Ana-Digi Systems protecting LSIS users against grey imports
July 2017, News

LSIS Southern Africa is represented by Ana-Digi Systems, and this arrangement includes sales, back-up and support for the entire range of automation, drive and motion systems offered by LSIS Industrial ...
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Boiler control made efficient
July 2017, IS & Ex

Boilers are a necessity in cooking, canning, sterilisation and many other industrial processes. However, they can be very dangerous. Most boilers are fitted with mechanical dampers and valve control. ...
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