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Relay with ­advanced ­control features
May 2016, Electrical Power & Protection

The NewCode motor protection relay from NewElec features seven inputs of differential voltages from 24 to 220 V AC or DC and four fully programmable output contacts as standard. The three-phase relay ...
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Motor protection relays with alternative mounting solutions
January 2016, Electrical Power & Protection

The N series motor protection relays from NewElec offer a wide variety of alternative mounting solutions within the 5 to 550 amp range in amp calibration or any current range in the percentage calibration. ...
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Motor protection and control relay for LV market
January 2016, Electrical Power & Protection

A three-phase motor protection and control relay designed for the LV motor protection market is available from NewElec. NewCode provides comprehensive motor protection with time and date stamped event ...
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Multi-purpose motor protection relay
December 2015, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

The MB motor protection relay from NewElec allows maintenance personnel to take advantage of 1600 recorded events and 45 recorded faults to analyse problem areas. The relay features seven inputs that ...
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Trustworthy phase rotation protection
November 2015, Electrical Power & Protection

Phase sequence protection is an important safety issue for motors. Reversing the phase sequence causes the motor to reverse its direction of rotation. This can cause serious damage and injury to personnel ...
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Eliminating impact torque conditions
November 2015, Electrical Power & Protection

The OLR 84 S protection relay from NewElec, when mounted on a motor circuit, eliminates impact torque conditions which can result in broken chains, damaged screw conveyors, broken couplings and even damaged ...
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Pump motor protection
October 2015, Electrical Power & Protection

A range of electronic motor protection and control relays designed to protect pumps and motors from a variety of faults is available from NewElec. The K series is aimed at pump users and consultants who ...
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Motor protection, control and management relay
October 2015, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

The NewCode motor protection and control relay from NewElec is fully Profibus accredited and Eskom approved but retains the user-friendly features that are synonymous with the company’s products. NewCode ...
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Motor protection programming tool
September 2015, IT in Manufacturing

Laptops are becoming a necessity in the industrial and mining sectors but they are often found wanting and are impractical to use on site. Some of the difficulties include reduced screen visibility in ...
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Increased safety from protection relays
September 2015, Electrical Power & Protection

NewElec’s NH Series relays are designed to protect motors in various LV applications from 5 to 550A. If required, percentage calibration is available and the modular design permits door, chassis or CT ...
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Efficient earth leakage protection
August 2015, Electrical Power & Protection

NewElec’s earth leakage relays are becoming the preferred earth leakage protection device for all industries. This move can be attributed to the original design criteria that include harmonic filters ...
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Toolless custom-built electrical enclosures
August 2015, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

NewElec manufactures custom-built electrical enclosures using computer-controlled manufacturing equipment. The use of PMPT technology eliminates the need to manufacture expensive tools and moulds, resulting ...
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