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Improved production capacity and efficiency
May 2020, System Integration & Control Systems Design

Automation with robotics increases production of chocolate by 40%.
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Implementing artificial intelligence in industrial manufacturing
April 2020, IT in Manufacturing

The introduction of AI solutions at the edge inside the machine now provides tools that enable you to look at that data and recognise patterns within it.
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Tailor-made mobile robotics revolutionise the automotive industry
February 2020, Motion Control & Drives

The interaction between employees and transport robots at BMW impressively demonstrates how factory harmony can be implemented in the factory of the future.
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Innovation and intelligence for smart manufacturing
Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things & Industry 4.0, IT in Manufacturing

Adaptive algorithms offer new ways to optimise production lines.
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Does edge computing have the edge?
June 2019, IT in Manufacturing

Implementing artificial intelligence in industrial manufacturing
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Simulated flexible production environment
Africa Automation Fair 2019 Preview, IT in Manufacturing

Omron South Africa is showcasing its fully simulated flexible production environments at Africa Automation Fair. Visit Stands C03 and D07 to see the integrated automation solutions designed to help turn ...
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Towards the Smart Factory
February 2019, IT in Manufacturing

With much of the reported paradigm of Industry 4.0 resting on self-configuration of machinery and production lines, Omron’s Victor Marquess looks at what can already be achieved to get on the path to ...
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One machine control over EtherCAT
February 2019, Motion Control & Drives

Manufacturing is changing. Production lines need to be increasingly flexible to cope with shorter production runs, more varied products and tighter deadlines. Manufacturers are addressing these challenges ...
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Omron innovation
October 2018, News

At Omron’s recent Innovation Conference held at the CSIR Conference Centre, delegates were briefed on the latest developments in IIoT and the Smart Factory, and the benefits of Omron’s new i-Automation ...
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Enhanced IoT security technology for manufacturing site networks
October 2018, IT in Manufacturing

Omron and Cisco collaborates to deliver reliable performance under extreme conditions.
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Innovation and intelligence for the factory of the future
September 2018, IT in Manufacturing

Thanks to increased processing power and the availability of increasing volumes of data, the discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining momentum.       The current status In the case of the ...
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Omron introduces new i4 Scara family
August 2018, Motion Control & Drives

Omron has announced that it will introduce a new line of Scara robots, boasting sleek design and enhanced performance. Named the ‘i4’, the new generation robots will save space during installation and ...
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