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Future-proofing SMEs with cobots
June 2024, Motion Control & Drives

Many countries around the world are likely to experience skill shortages over the coming decade, especially technical specialists. At the same time, product lifecycles are becoming shorter. Collaborative robots are easy to set up, and offer a quick and cost-effective solution.
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Flexible transport solutions for materials handling
June 2024, Motion Control & Drives

Omron has added a Selectable Autonomy functionality to the core software for its line of autonomous mobile robots
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Robot-assisted workflows in the food industry
January 2024, Motion Control & Drives

Producers are increasingly having to juggle between longer term range proliferation centred on consumer demands, and range reduction caused by the rapidly changing buying habits of retailers and consumers. This has resulted in them having to be even more agile with existing assets.
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Predictive maintenance can drive costs down
November 2023, Sensors & Transducers

Unplanned machine downtime is a huge headache for businesses. To combat this, manufacturers are looking for innovative solutions that go beyond traditional preventive maintenance.
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Decoding the world of direct part marks
October 2023, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

OMRON has unveiled its latest breakthrough, the V450-H ultra-rugged handheld scanner. Tailored specifically for industrial DPM reading, this innovative device sets new industry standards for durability and performance.
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Artificial intelligence: Don’t call me stupid
August 2023, IT in Manufacturing

Ten years ago, I was quite proud of how smart the machines in our factory were. Now, with my current definition of smart, I realise they were quite stupid. Why? Because although they were doing what they were designed to do, the minute they encountered anything unexpected or out of the ordinary, they were stumped.
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First sanitisation robots in South Africa
July 2023, Motion Control & Drives

Patient and healthcare worker safety in South African hospitals is set to reach a new level of excellence with the launch of the revolutionary HERO21 robotic sanitisation system.
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The mismatch between perception and reality
July 2023, Motion Control & Drives

Industrial robots are generally designed for one of three tasks: high-speed movements, high-precision placement, or high-payload movements. The risks to workers during operation are readily apparent.
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Omron’s EtherCAT capabilities and solutions
June 2023, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

EtherCAT is becoming the most popular machine protocol. Unmatched performance, the highest precision, and real openness make the difference compared to other Ethernet industrial protocols.
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Omron has a strategic partnership with Lambda
May 2023, News

Omron has long believed in the power of co-creation. Now the company is taking this vision further and partnering up with OEMs to accelerate innovation.
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Reducing downtime with machine safety
May 2023, IS & Ex

Today’s manufacturers are under pressure to be more flexible, reduce downtime, increase efficiency and, above all, keep personnel safe. The right machine safety technology can help companies reduce the impact of unforeseen events and keep productivity levels high.
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Ultra-compact high resolution code reader
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview, Sensors & Transducers

OMRON’s MicroHAWK range has been expanded with the V440-F, a barcode reader that achieves high-volume, high-speed reading of the smallest codes. This field-configurable barcode reader is able to read ...
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