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Enclosures with modular design
April 2020, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

CamdenBoss CNMB DIN rail enclosures, feature a modular design. Terminal guards and top covers can be snap-fitted for a quick and simple assembly. PCBs can be placed into the DIN rail enclosure in five ...
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Ultra-compact soft starter with protection
December 2019, Electrical Power & Protection

The Tele Christian P4.0/RL/TP/IC electronic soft starter is, with all of its integrated functionality, designed for ultra-compact installation. It helps to reduce wiring material, installation time and ...
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Ultra slim DIN rail power supplies
September 2019, Electrical Power & Protection

XP Power has announced the DSR range of AC-DC DIN rail power supplies approved for industrial control systems and information technology equipment applications. These versatile supplies provide reliable ...
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PS17 differential pressure ­transmitter
August 2019, Pressure Measurement & Control

Differential pressure transmitters are used for regulating HVAC systems and for monitoring filters. The devices can also monitor under and overpressures in cleanrooms or mini-environments. halstrup-walcher, ...
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Compact motor starter with protection
March 2019, Electrical Power & Protection

The new motor starter Christian P-4.0 from Tele is designed for motors up to 4 kW @ 400 V, and includes five functions in one compact unit, requiring only 22,5 mm width. This intelligent instrument offers ...
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Compact differential pressure transmitter
January 2019, Pressure Measurement & Control

The Halstrup Walcher P 34 series differential pressure transmitter is designed for pressure monitoring applications in cleanrooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants and operating theatres as well as ...
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Compact encoder with EtherCAT
January 2019, Sensors & Transducers

Wachendorff Automation has extended its absolute encoder series WDGA with the addition of an EtherCAT interface. The WDGA58F is a miniature encoder with bus cover for the EtherCAT interface. Due to its ...
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New controller range with ESD protection
April 2017, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

The Controllino range is composed of three models: the Mini, Maxi and Mega, each of which is aimed at meeting different levels of application requirement and complexity. All models, developed and implemented ...
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Link sensors ­directly to open networks
September 2014, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Communication unit from Panasonic provides fast return on investment.
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Compact convection cooled power supply delivers 400 W without fans
July 2014, Electrical Power & Protection

XP Power has announced the SDH400 series of single and dual output 400 W convection cooled power supplies. These compact 1U profile chassis mount supplies can deliver the full 400 W output without the ...
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Power supply for medical applications
March 2013, Electrical Power & Protection

MTM Power offers its extensive portfolio of the open frame AC/DC power supplies series CPAmed350 accredited to EN 60 601 and UL 60 601 for medical applications. High packing density and small dimensions ...
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Cardmaster enclosures from Fibox
February 2012, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Robust Cardmaster enclosures from Fibox are designed to protect instrumentation and control equipment in extreme environments. Made of impact proof polycarbonate, the housings integrate one compartment ...
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