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How to simplify traffic management in smart cities
February 2024, IT in Manufacturing

Online teaser: In an increasingly urbanised world, cities must find innovative solutions to overcome challenges such as traffic congestion, longer commutes and increased CO2 emissions. Adopting futureproof traffic management technologies is the key to addressing these issues effectively.
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Unleashing the future of mining
January 2024, IT in Manufacturing

With the demand for critical minerals for the clean energy transition surging, the World Bank predicts a 500% increase in their production by 2050. For the mining industry, this means unprecedented growth. But it also faces a plethora of internal and external challenges. In response to these constant changes, mining operations are proactively embracing digital transformation, leveraging technologies such as automation, unmanned systems and AI for image recognition to enhance operational efficiency and safety.
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Futureproofing networks
November 2023, IT in Manufacturing

The rise of smart manufacturing has seen a growing number of cyberthreats in the industrial sector as an unintended consequence of the convergence of IT and OT. While this achieves better efficiency and creates greater value, it also exposes traditionally isolated OT systems to all kinds of cyberattacks.
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A new era of power: large-scale battery energy storage systems
October 2023, Electrical Power & Protection

As the sun sets on coal power, we are seeing the rise of large-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS), together with a surge in renewable energy capacity. So what is the secret to ensuring a successful energy transition?
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Ensuring the uptime of your wireless network
October 2023, Industrial Wireless

Automated material handling (AMH) systems are expected to keep booming in the coming years, thanks to developing trends in e-commerce and smart factories.
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The commercialisation of energy storage
September 2023, Electrical Power & Protection

In the next three years, 98% of new power will be generated from renewable energy. Renewable energy like wind and solar can be unpredictable, so we need megawatt-level battery energy storage systems (BESS) with fast responses.
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Next-generation industrial Wi-Fi
July 2023, Editor's Choice, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Moxa has introduced a new lineup of next-generation industrial wireless networking solutions that meet the current and future demands of mobile automation and IP surveillance in mining, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and many other industries where AGVs and AMRs are at the heart of boosting productivity and operational safety.
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Optimising brewing processes
June 2023, Industrial Computer Hardware

Craft beers have taken the world by storm. This has brought greater choice for consumers, as well as greater challenges for manufacturers. SONEM Solutions took the opportunity to use its newly developed ultrasonic liquid sensor to identify and leverage the potential for its customers to optimise their brewing processes.
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Practical advice for cybersecurity
June 2023, IT in Manufacturing

As the OT/IT convergence trend continues to grow, almost every industrial organisation has started reinforcing its network security and taking cybersecurity precautions to protect its operations.
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Security architectures for protection against cyberattacks
May 2023, IT in Manufacturing

As the trend in OT/IT convergence continues to grow, almost every industrial organisation has started reinforcing its network security and taking cybersecurity precautions to protect its operations.
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High-reliability unmanaged switch
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview, IT in Manufacturing

The Moxa EDS-2000/G2000-EL Series of unmanaged switches is designed to help extend your system network lifecycle with plug-and-play functionality and install-and-forget durability. Its extra-small footprint ...
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Futureproofing industrial networks
March 2023, Editor's Choice, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Moxa has announced launched its next-generation networking portfolio. This new line-up is designed to futureproof industrial networks to accelerate digital transformation and help organisations improve operational efficiency and resilience.
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