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Modularity for scalability
September 2021, IT in Manufacturing

Businesses are looking for versatile solutions that are easy to maintain to ensure smooth operations while keeping costs down.
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Secure boundaries enhance industrial cybersecurity
September 2021, IT in Manufacturing

When enhancing cybersecurity, it is important to understand how industrial systems are exchanging data and how they connect to IT-level systems.
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Monitoring oil and gas pipelines
August 2021, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Moxa’s MDS-G4020 series offers a modular platform that can be fitted with fibre interfaces to connect pipeline subsystems to a control centre over long distances.
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Mitigate industrial network vulnerabilities
July 2021, IT in Manufacturing

It must not be forgotten that ignoring common system vulnerabilities in today’s world could put your entire network at risk.
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Building secure networks
June 2021, IT in Manufacturing

This article explores how to build resilient industrial networks and deploy cybersecurity defences in order to sustain continuous industrial operations.
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New opportunities bring new threats
March 2021, IT in Manufacturing

With greater connectivity comes greater exposure to cyber threats. So how do we keep the world’s critical infrastructure and manufacturing environments safe from cyberattacks?
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Manage OT networks remotely, without introducing intruders
May 2021, IT in Manufacturing

By adapting through digital transformation, OT network infrastructure starts growing in scale and becomes increasingly complex and interconnected.
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Three key considerations to build reliable wireless communications for AGVs
February 2021, Industrial Wireless

Moxa has helped machine OEMs and system integrators worldwide to augment their AGVs and AS/RS for optimal reliability and efficiency.
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Wireless at the edge
November 2020, Industrial Wireless

The ultimate goal of most industrial automation applications is to obtain actionable insights from data sources for more precise decision-making. To achieve this, businesses need to make their field data ...
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Five factors influencing the choice of industrial control hardware
January 2021, System Integration & Control Systems Design

Since industrial control systems are a major investment, system integrators are well advised to consider the following five factors during the equipment selection phase of a project.
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How can manufacturers survive under the new normal to 2021 and beyond?
October 2020, IT in Manufacturing

Thanks to COVID-19, the manufacturing industry is entering the era of unmanned operations. How best can companies adapt to the new normal and maintain efficient operations?
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Making Machine-as-a-Service a reality
September 2020, IT in Manufacturing

Using cloud-based software, machine builders can access their machines anytime, allowing connections to be set up to link the machine builders and their clients.
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