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Condition monitoring to go
February 2024, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Anyone who wants to efficiently monitor the climate in control cabinets will find a comprehensive range of control cabinet monitors for the DIN rail in Turck Banner’s cabinet condition monitoring family.
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Read/write head with system redundancy
I&C July 2024, Industrial Wireless

Turck Banner’s robust multiprotocol Ethernet read/write head adds an efficient solution to the existing RFID portfolio, with unique features in terms of startup time, communication and safety.
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Flexible strip light for industrial applications
June 2024, Industrial Wireless

Turck Banner’s new WLF12 Pro enables users to install strip lights on curved surfaces or anywhere a slim, low-profile indicator light is needed on industrial equipment. Machine status is easily communicated to people working nearby due to the light’s multicolour capabilities and advanced animations.
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Simplify control panel connections
June 2024, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Panel builders have new tools for bringing power and signals back into protected areas with Turck Banner’s M8 and M12 receptacles.
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RFID read/write heads and tags in miniature format
May 2024, Sensors & Transducers

Turck Banner is expanding its RFID product portfolio with four read/write heads in an M12 housing, and an in-metal tag in the compact 4 x 3 millimetre format.
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Step into the visual factory
May 2024, Editor's Choice, Electrical Power & Protection

At Banner, the visual factory comprises three key applications for lighting and indication in industrial settings. These applications include the ability to help machines and workstations quickly communicate their status to people nearby, to use light to guide workers to perform certain tasks such as part picking, and to provide illumination for work areas and tasks.
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Turck Banner welcomes Ivan De Waal as new managing director
May 2024, News

Turck Banner Southern Africa is pleased to announce the appointment of Ivan De Waal as its new managing director.
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Monitoring the voltage drop in cables
April 2024, Electrical Power & Protection

With its new M12Plus connectors, Turck Banner is directly shifting the condition monitoring of cables subject to severe stress to the connection technology. The connectors, which come with voltage and current monitoring and a Bluetooth chip, enable measured voltage and current values to be sent wirelessly to a controller.
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Improved inductive coupler sets
April 2024, Electrical Power & Protection

Online teaser: Turck Banner has updated its inductive coupler sets and now also offers additional functions such as selective pairing in addition to improved performance.
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Advantages of wireless storage tank and container tank level monitoring
April 2024, Editor's Choice

Implementing a tank monitoring system that utilises ultrasonic or radar sensors in a wireless network has many advantages.
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Robust Ethernet cordset series of cables
March 2024, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Turck Banner offers a product range comprising a wealth of different connectors and cables, including over 115 000 connection technology solutions with differing degrees of complexity.
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Multicolour strip lights with superior environmental resistance
March 2024, Electrical Power & Protection

Turck Banner’s industrial LED lighting products are high-quality and energy-efficient lights that provide years of maintenance-free operation, with no bulb or ballast changes required throughout the lifespan of the device.
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