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Tel: +27 11 723 9080
Fax: +27 11 453 7237
Email: hydacza@hydac.com
www: www.hydac.co.za
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Expanding the Hydac brand
October 2012, News

Hydac Technology opened for business in Johannesburg three years ago. The goal was to build the Hydac brand locally by growing into the target market segments of industrial hydraulics, mobile hydraulics ...
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Clean water with Hydac process filtration
July 2012, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

In municipal or industrial water treatment plants, costly drinking water is often used for general cleaning and maintenance procedures in the system. By the simple action of treating and using the water ...
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Programmable electronic pressure switch and display
July 2012, Pressure Measurement & Control

Hydac’s EDS 3400 is a compact, electronic and programmable pressure switch with an integral digital display for measuring pressure up to 600 bar. The unit can be installed in almost any mounting position ...
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