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Pneumatic valve terminals now have greater flexibility

May 2000 Pneumatics & Hydraulics

The Allen-Bradley SLC 500 programmable mini-controls from Rockwell Automation have been integrated into three different types of Festo pneumatic valve terminals. These valve terminals can be used as 'standalones' or as subsystems with bus solutions.

Festo valve terminals are capable of being connected via fieldbus to over 80% of control systems available worldwide, including Allen-Bradley controls. The introduction of the SLC 500 embedded solution in the form of a compact, directly programmable valve terminal has further enhanced its capabilities. The control block is available in two different variants and can be used for three different valve terminal types: type 10 with compact performance valves, type 03 with Midi/Maxi valves and type 04/B with ISO valves.

The range covers the entire spectrum of flowrates and pressures used in pneumatics with nominal flowrates ranging from 400 to 4500 l/min and pressure of -0.9 to 10 or 16 bar, depending upon valve type. Pneumatic valve terminals allow for the connection of local peripheries via binary, as well as analog inputs and outputs. A large number of additional binary I/Os can also be connected in a decentralised fashion via Devicenet, AS Interface Master or CP links. The programmable valve terminals use RSLogix under Windows and APS under DOS as well as configuration and diagnosis with Devicenet-Manager. The control block (SB 60) can be used with the valve terminal as an easy to install standalone without bus for the control of autonomous automation units. Used with a bus, the same SB 60 control block is linked up to the data highway DH 485 for communication with other bus users. This communications bus is capable of linking 32 users at a speed of 19,2 kbaud and the Allen-Bradley MMI (man machine interface) provides support in the form of a visualisation system. The Devicenet open bus protocol for up to 64 station addresses is taken advantage of in large, distributed machines or systems. The Devicenet can be configured as an active preprocessing slave, and as an expansion master via the SF 60 control block at the valve terminal, which has been expanded to include the corresponding terminal and a Devicenet scanner.

Pneumatic valve terminals with integrated PLC offer reduced logistics costs, elimination of wiring between PLC, valves and sensor inputs, installation direct to the machine, control of partial processes, link via fieldbus and AS Interface, reduced workload when used as a subsystem, increased system availability and improved clarity during troubleshooting.

Terminals are available with integrated Siemens or Festo PLCs. The SIMATIC Integrated solution (SB/SF 50) allows for linking via Profibus DP. In addition, the SF3 version is available with an integrated Festo PLC, and a master or slave connection to the Festo fieldbus. Programming is easy with KOP or AWL.


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