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Metering device offers flexibilty, predictive metering and energy information

April 2000 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

CHI Control, an ISO-9001 listed company, has represented Cutler-Hammer USA as sole distributor of low and medium voltage motor control equipment for industrial markets throughout sub-Saharan Africa for over 70 years.

As a world leader in microprocessor-based metering devices, Cutler-Hammer intended the IQ-200 to be the ideal digital meter for panelboard, switchboard, and chiller panel applications – especially where panel space is at a premium. With the introduction of the IQ-200, Cutler-Hammer has expanded its line of metering devices to better serve manufacturers of electrical distribution equipment. The IQ-200 joins sister products like the IQ-Energy Sentinel and the IQ-DP 4000 in offering customers solutions to any metering need.

Designing the new product with four base mounting options has enhanced ease of installation and mounting flexibility. Cutler-Hammer says that the unmatched base side mounting option on the IQ-200 is exclusive in this type of compact metering device package.

Ease of installation extends to ease of ordering. An auto-ranging power supply (up to 600 V) on the IQ-200 enables customers to order product without knowledge of the line power or power supply voltages and other extraneous information that creates hassles and delay. Though slick, slim and economical, the IQ-200 performs like ‘one of the big boys'. A 4-line x 20-character display monitors phase currents, voltage, power and frequency among other values and a built-in communications package allows the IQ-200 to communicate via Cutler-Hammer's IMPACC system to a central monitoring point. This eliminates the need for manual, clipboard-style datalogging.

The IQ-200 provides several significant advantages including:

* One style for all line and control voltages provides for easier ordering and significantly reduced inventory.

* Five different mounting options.

* DIN standard 92 x 92 mm cut-out that meets global standards.

* Autoranging power supply, one style for any voltage up to 600 V a.c.

* No PTs required up to 600 V a.c.

* AC or DC powered.

* Polarity sensing for errors such as improper wiring or forward and reverse power flow.

* Membrane faceplate designed and tested to meet NEMA types 3R and 12, and IEC ratings IP52 and IP62.

* Nonvolatile storage of all set points and recorded peaks and minimums.

* Built-in IMPACC communications capability.

* Easy to use and retrofit.

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