Robust photo-electric sensors

April 2000 SCADA/HMI

Telco’s photoelectric sensors have a number of key features:

p Very small physical outline.

p Immunity to contamination.

p Insensitive to impact and vibration.

p Easy alignment.

p Wide range of applications.

The transmitter and the receiver may be placed facing each other to form a through-beam system or in parallel to form a reflex or a proximity system.

Due to the small physical outline (∆ 10 mm x 30 mm) Telco sensors can be mounted in places that were inaccessible until recently.

With IP67 class sealing, Telco sensors can be applied to processing systems subject to high levels of humidity. Applications in the transportation industry, in filling and packing machines, sorting and measuring set-ups, wood, plastics and metal processing lines can all make effective use of these sensors.

The high level of emitted light prevents sensors from being influenced by even high levels of dust and dirt present in many industrial environments. In through-beam mode the range of operation is up to 35 m. In proximity mode the range is up to 3 m.

Telco PA systems consist of a photo amplifier and a remote set of a transmitter and a receiver. From the extensive Telco range it is easy to identify the best combination application.

The power line can be 230–240 V a.c., 115 V a.c., 10–30 V a.c/d.c. supplied from a standard 11-pin socket. Connection of remote sensors is established by two-wire cables of any length up to 50 m.

Telco claims to be the only manufacturer to offer just-in-time deliveries worldwide, with service before, during and after sales by professional teams of application consultants.

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