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Compact proximity sensors with range

April 2000 Sensors & Transducers

RET Automation is offering Turck's new Q25/Q30 compact inductive proximity sensors-low-cost, long-range sensing devices that fit and function where standard size units do not. This combination of size, price and range makes Q25/Q30 sensors an excellent solution for innumerable general industry applications.

These innovative one-piece rectangular sensing devices, measuring only 25,5 or 30,5 mm high by 25,0 or 30,0 mm wide by 38,5 or 52,5 mm deep, depending on model, achieve a 10 or 15 mm sensing range with repeatability £2% of rated operating distance. These nonembeddable (nonflush) sensors can be mounted in a position similar to embeddable sensors with no loss of range or degradation of hysteresis.

Q25/Q30 3-wire d.c., 10 to 30 V d.c. sensing devices include a highly visible LED that indicates ‘output energised’. Both devices feature a normally-open PNP (sourcing) output and integral circuitry that protects against short-circuit, overload, wire-break and reverse polarity. Q25/Q30 sensors also feature a high 500 Hz switching frequency versus the 150 Hz of many similar devices.

Designed for use in harsh environments, Q25/Q30 sensors feature a rugged plastic housing and are available with a potted-in 2 m PVC-jacketed cable or a 2 m pigtail-style quick disconnect. These sensors withstand washdown and operate in temperatures from -25 to +70°C. They are rated NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6, 13 and IEC IP67.


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