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New intelligent electropneumatic valve

March 2000 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Fairchild Industrial Products recently introduced the high flow, high pressure, intelligent electropneumatic valve model T7900. The unit comes in a number of pressure control ranges between 10 and 1000 kPa with flow capacities close to our model 4500 volume booster, up to 200 normal m3/h and various other features.

A built-in pressure sensor, for example, measures output pressure directly at the output port. A remote feedback option is available as well making pressure measurement possible at a remote location. This pressure signal is subsequently available as 4 to 20 mA signal to the control system.

Output pressure control is done by the built-in PID controller receiving a 4-20 mA signal as setpoint from the control system.

The built-in PID controller can be tuned to the needs of the customer, making the change from the 4 to 20 mA input signal to the required pressure output signal as smooth as possible. The electronic valve is therefore equipped with a four button keypad to make tuning and calibration possible directly from the unit.

Especially in the paper industry the 4-20 mA output pressure signal, in combination with for example the remote pneumatic feedback option, makes it possible to keep track of any pressure losses in systems downstream from the electronic valve. This could be pressure losses for example, in bellows used as in shoe presses or on-line coating systems. This way the customer notices immediately when there are any leaks in these systems.

The T7900's four button keypad and liquid crystal display allow easy on-site entry of operating parameters and the precise setting of tuning coefficients for a wide range of applications including machine tool automation and robotics. The display shows output pressure in either psig, bar or kPa.

In addition to the internal feedback sensor, a remote current or voltage feedback signal is also standard. Instead of the remote feedback sensor, adjustable dry contact high and low limit alarm relays are available as an option. A remote pneumatic feedback signal is also optional.

Nema 4X, IP65 and Type 4 enclosure allows use in outdoor or washdown applications and its RFI/EMI protection eliminates susceptibility to electromagnetic and radio interference.


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