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Accurate conductivity sensors with low running costs

December 2000 Sensors & Transducers

Rosemount Analytical is offering new models in its Endurance line of sensors. The 400VP and 403VP contacting conductivity sensors are built with a Varipole (VP) multipin, watertight connector. Specifically designed to measure conductivity in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and high purity water systems, they are designed for greater accuracy and lower maintenance.

The Varipole multipin connector features a robust, corrosion-resistant metal casing with gold-plated contacts that helps to shield and maintain a stable signal. The sensor's mating cable only needs to be installed once and can be used for replacement sensors. This feature eliminates the need for rewiring the cable for replacement sensors. Since the connection is at the sensor, it can be disconnected without having to twist the cable.

These new sensors offer several versatile mounting configurations. The 400VP Insertion or screw-in sensor is available with 3/4" inch threads and is ideal for monitoring the concentration of dissolved solids in cooling water. The 400VP can also be used to monitor the performance of reverse osmosis and ion exchange demineralisers. The 403VP sanitary flange sensor, compatible with Tri-Clover1 sanitary process connections, is available in either a 11/2 or 2" sanitary flange and is suitable for the pharmaceutical and the food and beverage industries.

The entire line of Endurance sensors has accurate factory-determined calibration constants, bypassing the need for troublesome calibrations with unstable conductivity standards. This special predetermined factory calibration (Cal constant) feature is available with Rosemount Analytical Model 81C, 3081C, 1055C (Solu Comp II), 1054BDC, 1054BLC and 1054BR instruments. The electrodes remain accurate and stable for extended periods of time because the sensor's unique, rugged and corrosion-resistant design guarantees the electrode spacing and surface area remain constant.


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