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High-speed high-temperature line scanning

July 2003 Sensors & Transducers News & events

LAND Infrared is offering its new ScanTemp series of modular, wide-angle infrared line scanning systems. The system comprises a thermometer and a scanning unit offering considerable flexibility and affordability. Three scanner models are available: STW-O with temperature output; STW-A with temperature output and scan angle output; and STW-P with temperature and peak output.

Available from Protea Automation Solutions, ScanTemp has been purpose-designed to provide critical process, production and quality control information in light industrial environments. The device optically scans a hot object at speeds of 25 to 120°s and generates a detailed accurate temperature profile. The temperature ranges from 0 to 1400°C, adjustable scan angle from 50 to 60°, and scan rate up to 120°/s. Three optical variants are provided with variable focus, and a built-in LED projects a continuous red spot defining the location of the temperature measurement point on the target.

The unit is designed for applications embracing induction and conductive heating, forging, rod and wire production, heat treatment, material on conveyors, tube welding, paper and textiles production, etc.

For more information: Jerry Smits, Protea Automation Solutions, 011 719 5700,


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