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Polyester enclosures and cabinets rated IP65

April 2003 Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Elen Enclosures extended its range of glass reinforced polyester enclosures by the addition of the Series 79000 'Thalassa'. The new products will complement Elen's existing palette of small to medium sized polyester enclosures and add additional 40 basic sizes to the existing supply program. This makes Elen the largest supplier of polyester enclosures in South Africa.

The main technical features of the range are high IP rating, excellent mechanical strength (IK 10) and excellent resistance to corrosion, weathering and vandalism. The enclosures are ideal for use in coastal areas and heavy industrial atmospheres such as encountered in the mining, chemical/petrochemical industries, pulp and paper plants, sewage works, textile industries and steel mills.

The 79000 series is available in five heights from 500 to 1500 mm, four widths from 500 to 1250 mm (in steps of 250 mm) and two depths 320 or 420 mm. Versions with front and rear doors and safety glass windows extend the range even further. The enclosures and cabinets can be wall or floor mounted as well as joined side to side or top to bottom.

Accessories include zinc coated steel chassis, insulating material chassis, perforated chassis, chassis slides, internal doors, 19" fixed or swing frames, rain canopies, distribution board conversion kits, shelves, wall mounting brackets, plinths, pedestals, etc.

The range has been designed, tested and manufactured in accordance with the following international standards: EN 50.298 (LT switchboards), IEC-439-1 (LT switchboard insulation), IEC-439-5 (public site installations), EN 60.529 (IP rating) and EN 50.102 (mechanical impact - IK rating).

For more information contact Elen Enclosures, 011 472 2220 sarelza@mweb.co.za, www.sarel.co.za

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