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Sulphate and chloride monitoring

March 2020 Electrical Power & Protection

Chlorides and sulphates cause pitting and stress corrosion in expensive power plant components, such as turbines and boilers, leading to extensive maintenance and unplanned shutdowns. Monitoring these ions at low ppb levels is therefore a key measurement in power plant chemistry.

Mettler Toledo’s 3000CS sulphate and chloride analyser can provide online ppb level detection of chlorides and sulphates in power plant water to control corrosion and minimise damage.

Online, ppb-level chloride and sulphate monitoring

The innovative 3000CS analyser uses microfluidic capillary electrophoresis, an ionic separation technology, to directly measure trace levels of harmful sulphate and chloride ions. With online measurements every 45 minutes, the analyser automatically performs direct chloride and sulphate measurements in pure water and power cycle chemistry samples, for immediate detection of any contamination. The most important point in the cycle is at the turbine inlet, to ensure that only acceptable levels of chlorides and sulphates enter with the steam into the turbine.

Low cost of ownership compared to offline methods

Typically, chloride and sulphate measurements are done with offline technologies, such as ion chromatography and inductively coupled plasma. The 3000CS provides accurate chloride and sulphate measurements continuously, delivering a rapid return on investment by eliminating the need for costly internal or external laboratory tests.

Easy to maintain with ISM predictive diagnostics

The unit features semi-automatic calibration and an intuitive touchscreen interface. ISM (intelligent sensor management) technology provides diagnostics that predict when maintenance or replacement of consumables will be required.


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