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Climate is what we expect – weather is what we get

July 2019 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

The rising temperatures of air and water, a global increase in the occurrence of flash floods and hurricanes, the loss of sea ice and the melting cap in Greenland, leave no doubt as to the reality of global warming and climate change, and its impact upon the environment and weather conditions.

Without accurate environmental measurement instrumentation none of the trends required to determine the extent of changes in the climate and weather patterns would be available. Delta OHM is a manufacturer of choice for such precision instruments.

South Africa has not escaped the increase in the frequency of extreme weather such as droughts, dry spells, heat waves and severe thunderstorms. “These have the potential to increase vector-borne diseases and lead to food, energy and water insecurity, which will consequently threaten livelihoods,” the CSIR reported in 2018. Climate, particularly changes in temperature and humidity, is a major factor in vector-borne disease ecology, and can influence disease transmission cycles and disease occurrence.

The influence of meteorology is significant on every human activity in modern life.

This has been one of the drivers for Delta OHM to invest in developing a wide range of meteorological instruments and systems. To invest in quality and to invest in traceability, which has been recognised by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and carry calibration certificates from ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA), which are recognised all over the world.

“In no other area can the collected data take on such grave importance as in the field of environmental measuring technology,” commented Michaela Zavan, site manager, Delta OHM. “For 40 years Delta OHM has been dedicated to the development of a top-quality product portfolio and with the appropriate scientific expertise to drive the development of sustainable meteorological components.”

GHM Messtechnik South Africa managing director, Jan Grobler, said: “Climate is what we expect, whereas the weather is what we get. The Delta OHM range of environmental measurement instrumentation is an example of measurement perfection. They are quality products, which offer a high level of accuracy. This intense measurement performance is essential for monitoring the weather and environmental changes. Without such data we would not be in a position to record and chart the crucial data that we require.”

Environmental measurement instrumentation

Data loggers

All Delta OHM data loggers have a full back-up, even when the power goes down. They offer the flexibility to analyse data how and where you want it via local database connections or cloud solutions, with all information available on a tablet, PC or smartphone.

Temperature, pressure and humidity measurement

“While humidity and temperature are considered as basic measurements, it doesn’t mean that our instrumentation remains static in design and functionality,” explained Grobler. “There is always room for improvement and the addition of more advanced features. Delta OHM’s investment into research and development continues to deliver increased reliability and updated designs.”

Delta OHM offers:

• Dual temperature and relative humidity transmitters.

• Meteorological shield for temperature and humidity measurement.

• Probes for soil temperature profile measurements.

• High-accuracy and digital barometric transmitters with LED indication.

• Leaf wetness sensor with double sensitive surface.

• Two- and three-electrode probes for soil volumetric water content.

Wind measurement

The destructive powers of hurricanes – flooding, destroyed buildings and human casualties – makes it is clear that the power of the wind can be beyond our imagination. Where we are able to harness this by generating electricity, the wind can offer great advantages and help to make our world greener. But monitoring, measuring, and collecting and analysing data is of high importance.

“Delta OHM’s wind measurement instruments guarantee long-term stability,” continued Grobler. “They are manufactured using corrosion resistant materials, are quick to install and have an internal compass. They are designed to operate on solar power and give readings for wind direction, speed, gusts and recorded averages. Also, they are specifically designed to reduce your maintenance costs and we can also supply heated versions for extreme conditions.”

Wind measurement devices include:

• Two axes anemometers: an all in one sensor for wind, speed and direction, RH, dew point, air temperature, atmospheric pressure and solar radiation.

• Three axes ultrasonic anemometers: a wind speed direction model and a wind speed and direction and air temperature, RH and atmospheric pressure version.

• Ultrasonic anemometer with aluminium body.

Solar measurement

The sun provides our world with daylight and controls the planet’s temperature. It provides energy and enables plants and vegetation growth. “The measurement of solar radiation has become of high importance, particularly when it comes to decisions being made about efficiency, energy, performance or maintenance,” commented Grobler.

All Delta OHM pyranometers are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9060 classification and WMO recommendations. The range includes:

• Secondary standard Pyranometer.

• First Cass Pyranometer.

• Second Class Pyranometer.

• LP Silicon Pyranometer.

• Photometric probes.

• Radiometric probes.

• Radiometric probe for environmental use.

• Radiometric UV index.

• Sunshine duration sensor.

• Pyrheliometer.

• Pyrgeometer.

• Net radiance meter.

“All the solar measurement instruments are of rugged design, easy to setup and have a quick installation with levelling device for perfect positioning,” added Grobler. “They use high-quality optical glass and standard quartz diffusers. Calibration certificates are included. They can be connected to any system and maintenance requirements are minimised through an internal desiccant cartridge.”

Precipitation measurement

Rain gauges are part of Delta OHM’s cloud-based early warning systems that identify heavy rainfall and provide flooding risk alerts.

The rain gauges are of a smart design for long stability performance. They are also calibration certified and of rugged construction using corrosion-resistant materials. No power supply is required and an optional heating version is available. Pole mounted gauges are also a possibility.

These early warning system solutions are customisable in all geology, hydrology, flooding and landslide applications. The following gauge variations enable accurate forecasting: the 200 cm² tipping bucket; 400 cm² tipping bucket; and the 400 cm² weighing rain gauge and rain detector.

“A new Bill on climate change and the South African environment, issued in 2018, moved the debate in this country further along,” concluded Grobler. “We have seen dramatic changes in the weather not only in South Africa, but also regionally, for example, with more tornados, cyclones and hurricanes reported in the last three to five years. The loss of human life, damage to property and infrastructure has been immense. Our highly accurate measurement instrumentation provides key platforms for charting and recording such dramatic changes. Without them, much of the needed accurate environmental forecasting would be lost. Climate is expected, but it is weather that we get.”

For more information contact Jan Grobler, GHM Messtechnik SA, +27 11 902 0158,,


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