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November 2019 Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

A diverse range of process to instrument valves and connections aimed at eliminating potential leak paths for the oil and gas industry was highlighted at ADIPEC by the Instrumentation Products division of Parker Hannifin.

The company showed the latest additions to its extensive monoflange and Pro-Bloc ranges of block and bleed valves, including versions that comply with the Class A ultra-low-emission requirements of the international ISO 15848 standard, together with a new range of flushing ring integrated into existing double block and bleed technology – that eliminate the need for individual components such as standalone flushing rings and ball valves.

Parker’s monoflange and Pro-Bloc valves are designed to couple instrumentation to the process lines as closely as possible, and to eliminate any use of threaded components. By combining all necessary primary and secondary valves on a single one-piece body, which mounts directly onto a process flange without use of additional fittings, both series of products reduce the number of potential leak paths substantially. They also help cut installation time and cost. A wide choice of standard flow and valve configurations – including single block and bleed, and double block and bleed – provides a flexible interconnection scheme, enabling plant engineers to match requirements easily.

Installation of remote instruments usually involves use of conventional tubes and fittings, implying that NPT taper threads, together with PTFE tape or anaerobic sealant, will feature at some point along the path. Since these types of connections can compromise system integrity and cause contamination problems, Parker offers solutions for eliminating them whenever possible. This design goal can be achieved on both Parker monoflange and Pro-Bloc valves, where instrument outlet connections can incorporate single or two-ferrule compression type tube fittings.

Parker goes to considerable lengths to ensure the material used for its process to instrument valves is of the highest quality. Raw material is sourced from mills with fully traceable records for quality audit purposes. Furthermore, each flange is forged from a single piece of grain flow-controlled steel. As standard, they can be fabricated from A105 carbon steel, AF350 LF2 low temperature carbon steel, A182-F316 stainless steel and A182-F51 duplex stainless steel. Optional corrosion resistant materials include super duplex, Monel, Hastelloy, 6Mo and Incoloy 625, subject to the physical layout constraints of the installation.

New actuator design

The new series of solenoid valves for actuator control was also on display. These allow device operation down to -40°C ambient temperature.

The X Series unique design advantage is based on coil modularity: coils can in fact be removed from the pressure vessels. Such option offers a strong advantage when replacing a valve or a coil is required. In case of failures, it minimises cost of parts to be replaced (only pressure vessel or coils requiring service would be replaced). For maintenance purposes, since different pressure vessels could share the same coil, entire operation sites could be maintained with just a few spares.

Such advantages also provide improvement in reactiveness and service to customers. By achieving the low temperature and material traceability features, in addition to the ease of configuration given by modularity (coils can be dismounted for any purpose including installation, maintenance, cabling), the X Series provides a flexible, reliable and easy to use product solution for valve actuation in the oil and gas industry.


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