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Clever chilling with less refrigerant

September 2019 Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Rittal has significantly improved its cooling technology for machines and enclosures with its new Blue e+ chillers in the 11 to 25 kW output class range. Using 40% less refrigerant, these devices are making an important contribution to sustainable environmental protection. Simultaneously, users are benefitting from the precise temperature control, simplified operation and installation, and the new safety functions of Blue e+ chillers.

The range’s ability to re-cool liquids addresses the basic requirement for smooth operation in many industrial manufacturing processes. It was designed with the understanding that enclosures and machine tools must have an exact temperature control feature for the precise machining of metal.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly cooling

With the development of its new chillers, Rittal can offer a mature solution package to meet all requirements. As well as the Blue e+ chillers with 1,5 to 6 kW, units are now available in the robust industrial standard (IP44, electrical) in four output classes ranging from 11 to 25 kW and in the two enclosure sizes of 660 x 1265 x 1315 mm and 760 x 1265 x 1515 mm.

Regulating according to need

The chillers’ fan and compressor ae regulated centrally via a digital controller. This way, the temperature of the cooling medium can be precisely regulated: by default, the hysteresis is 2K; however, a precision control (hot gas bypass) of 0,25K is also possible as an option. According to Rittal South Africa’s managing director, Adrian Buddingh, this prevents temperature fluctuations that cause inaccuracies on the machined workpiece and works to ensure consistent quality.

Easy to use

The multilingual and industrial-grade touch display on the front of the chiller, plus the intelligent communication interfaces, make both operation and analysis easy for users. Consequently, the parameterisation of the devices, as well as the read-out of the data and system messages are performed clearly and quickly and shown in plain text. Error messages are prioritised and displayed in three escalation levels (note, error and maintenance) as an easy way to assess necessary action.

Rapid assembly

Blue e+ Chillers are pre-wired ready for connection and can be quickly put into operation via plug-and-play. Lifting eyebolts make transport easy, as does the base/plinth, which is suitable for transport by forklift truck. Uniform water connections, an adjustable overflow (bypass valve) and ideal accessibility to all the components make it easy for fitters and service staff to work on the units, cutting down on maintenance time.

Comprehensive safety as a priority

Integrated overflow valves ensure a constant circulation of cooling water when the consumer is closed and the pump is running, protecting the coolant pump from overload. The valve is pre-set for the pump being used and for 50 Hz operation, but it can also be set for 60 Hz. “A filling level monitoring system ensures maximum reliability and improved availability,” adds Buddingh. “In addition to these safety features, optional flow monitors emit an alarm if the flow rate is too low and they can detect hydraulic errors such as contamination and blockages in the system at an early stage.”

Added value

As an extra service, Rittal also offers preconfigured option packages that are available from stock and which offer a suitable solution for almost any demand. One such option is performance enhanced pumps (4 and 6 bar) that are available for multi-circuit systems. If necessary, a precision control system (hot gas bypass) can be used to improve control accuracy from 2K to 0,25K. In addition, the Blue e+ chillers can be prepared for cold zones of down to -20°C, as well as for laser applications, and they can also be fitted with a water-cooled condenser or with heating and customised with special paint.


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