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In the industrial environment, functionality justifiably counts more than appearance. All the better then, when products stand out both in terms of performance as well as looks. This is precisely the boast of the new PS+ series pressure sensors, which has been underlined by the winning of the iF Design Award. The plus sign in the name stands for two customer benefits: simplified commissioning and the guarantee of high plant availability.

Problem-free installation and fast familiarisation through the menu structure were key requirements in the development. The specifications also included the suitability for standard process connections and electrical outputs, as well as coverage of pressure ranges up to 600 bar. A large degree of flexibility for installation is provided, as the sensor head can be rotated freely around 340°, and the display can be inverted for overhead installation. The sensors automatically detect whether the controller or bus module expects PNP or NPN signals. This also goes for current and voltage when analog output signals have to be evaluated.

Another feature is a unique compatibility mode within IO-Link systems. The PS+ series not only supports the Turck data profile for integration, but can also emulate other commonly available profiles. This means that any sensor replacement goes unnoticed by the controller.

Operation with smartphone haptic technology

The sensor is operated in the same way as a smartphone. The touch-sensitive keypads can also be operated wearing various types of gloves without any force or even cumbersome gadgets, and guide the user intuitively through the plain text menu. The menu structure can be set up according to either the Turck or the VDMA standard. The absence of any mechanical operating elements is another benefit.

The design of sensor takes the reality of different application environments into account. This includes the ability to be commissioned quickly and the prevention of operating errors. The locking mechanism of the PS+ series therefore prevents unwanted actuation: the device can be enabled with a swipe and also a password if required. LEDs provide continuous indication of operating states and faults, and a programmable colour change from green to red (and vice versa) on the display makes it possible to indicate whether defined switch points have been overshot.

Heavy duty metal pressure cells

The operating concept illustrates how design and functionality are mutually interdependent. A high level of availability, however, has even greater importance than user friendliness, since pressure sensors are expected to perform measuring and monitoring functions over several years. The sealing concept of the PS+ series makes it robust to fully meet the requirements of IP6K6K, IP6K7 and IP6K9K. The materials used are also resistant to UV radiation and salt spray, enabling these devices to be used for outdoors applications.

With their communication concept, the PS+ sensors are another addition to Turck’s set of building blocks for Industry 4.0. As specialists in the acquisition, transfer and conditioning of data, the consistency and transparency of sensor data are central requirements for Turck. This is why the company supports open standards like IO-Link, via which the devices can implement bidirectional communication with the controller. This enables the sensor to not only send digital process values, but also receive parameters such as switch points. The pressure sensors also offer different IO-Link process data profiles, which allow the flexible integration of a sensor into existing system landscapes with a 1:1 replacement of existing devices – even from third party manufacturers. This eliminates the need for complex adaptions to the controller setup.

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