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Weidmüller’s u-mation embraces the digitally connected world

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Weidmüller’s u-mation system is more than just automation, it’s a connected digital solution for a diverse range of businesses. That is because u-mation is a hardware and software solution that embraces the IIoT philosophy in an increasingly digitally connected world.

In South Africa, Phambili Interface is the distributor of Weidmüller’s quality connectivity and interface products. The u-mation system is one of the available cutting-edge automation solutions designed to make the leap to the Smart Factory by intelligently networking hardware, software and data.

According to Weidmüller, the digital trans-formation of industrial manufacturing is making great strides. Already, many production processes are no longer just automated, but connected to each other via a digital infrastructure, thus becoming a cyber-physical system.

Digitally savvy solutions

With the rise in complexity of machines and systems, there are increasing demands being placed on modern automation technology. Consequently, branched subsystems need to be precisely integrated into complex topologies. A rapid and reliable transmission of signals and data is critical for smooth operation, however, small and adaptable components that can be integrated in an application-specific manner are needed. Weidmüller’s remote I/O systems for protection degrees IP20 and IP67 offer flexibility in the design and cabling of systems, reliability in the transmission of signals and data, and compact offerings in an array of digitally savvy solutions.

“You need an I/O system that allows you to work quickly and flexibly,” notes Phambili Interface’s Peter Mc Donald, “a system that won’t leave you in the lurch as facilities become increasingly decentralised. The compact u-remote system consisting of IP20 and IP67 components offers maximum benefits and flexible use in automation.”

The overall u-mation system can be adaptable and flexible according to a business’ needs. Components of the system include u-control, u-view and u-remote units, and there is a helpful u-remote news section, where one can discover the latest innovations in Weidmüller’s automation portfolio.

“The u-mation system combines high-end hardware with innovative engineering and visualisation tools for future orientated services,” adds Mc Donald. “It also offers maximum freedom for the individual design of scalable automation solutions and corresponding services.”

The key components of the u-mation system are explained below:

• u-control – platform independent system programming via a browser or conventional Windows-based.

• u-view – visualisation for the monitoring and control of systems.

• u-remote – modular I/O system for lean planning, simple installation and quick commissioning.

In addition to the open and scalable u-control system, u-mation’s complementing u-view and u-remote products cater for businesses of different sizes and diverse operations. For instance, the u-view multi-touch panels that resemble an iPad/tablet come in basic, advanced and IPC/ panel PC lines.

The u-mation system also has an array of safety features, which include:

• u-remote safe power-feed modules.

• Scalability of safety circuits.

• Safe switch-off of standard output modules.

• Profisafe modules for the Profibus-DP and Profinet fieldbuses.

• Fail safe over EtherCAT (FSoE).

In addition to the hardware side, the u-mation system has a software bouquet that includes u-create web, u-create studio and u-create visu that bring the system to life visually on screen.

• u-create web – platform-independent PLC and IoT system-programming.

• u-create studio – all-in-one engineering tool.

• u-create visu – visualisation for monitoring and control of the system.

Phambili Interface exhibited a coordinated IoT u-mation portfolio at the recent Africa Automation Fair. The combination of modular automation hardware, innovative engineering tools, sophisticated digitalisation solutions and intelligent machine learning modes demonstrated the connection of all levels of a process – from the sensors to the cloud.

For more information contact Peter Mc Donald, Phambili Interface, +27 11 452 1930, pmcdonald@weidmuller.co.za, www.weidmuller.co.za


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