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Flow sensor for liquid media

June 2019 Flow Measurement & Control

The new flow sensor SFAW from Festo is ideal for monitoring cooling circuits, for example in welding guns in the automotive industry as well as in front-end applications in the semiconductor and electronics industries. The sensor measures the flow rate, consumption and temperature of liquid media within the ranges of 1,8 and 32 l/min, and 5 and 100 l/min. The sensor is designed for neutral liquids and water applications. It can handle media temperatures up to 90°C and viscosity of up to 2 mPa.s.

A great view in every position: whether installed horizontally or vertically, the sensor housing and display can be easily rotated and aligned – even after they have been fitted.

Sensor and connections can be purchased separately: the modular concept enables the sensor and connections to be purchased separately, ensuring maximum flexibility during assembly. It also allows users to standardise on parts without difficulties. The sensor can be changed quickly and easily without the need for special tools.

Easy to use

Thanks to a large, easy-to-read, blue/white/red LCD display, users can immediately see the flow rate. The SFAW has built in NPN/PNP/NO/NC options with analog outputs or IO-Link giving freedom of choice in terms of evaluating the output signal. It can also be commissioned quickly by means of teach-in or using the clear 3-button menu function.

The IP65 study design enables the SFAW to be used in harsh environments, while the modular electrical output concept makes it extremely flexible, allowing simple integration into various control systems. The housing can be turned 360° and the display 340°, making the sensor quick and easy to align and the display easy to read.

For more information contact Kershia Beharie, Festo, 086 003 3786, kershia.beharie@festo.com, www.festo.co.za


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