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April 2019 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Fluke and Hart Scientific have revolutionised environmental monitoring for calibration laboratories with their model 1620A DewK which offers Ethernet and wireless connections and upgraded LogWare III software.


Two types of sensors are available. The high accuracy sensor (H model) reads temperature to ±0,125°C over a calibrated range of 16 to 24°C. Relative humidity readings are to ±1,5% RH from 20% RH to 70% RH. The standard accuracy sensor (S model) reads temperature to ± 0,25°C over its calibrated range of 15 to 35°C. Relative humidity readings are to ±2% RH from 20% RH to 70% RH. All DewK sensors come with NVLAP accredited certificates of calibration for both temperature and humidity, complete with data and NIST traceability.

Ethernet and wireless capability

The DewK features built in Ethernet RJ45 jack, and multiple DewKs can be monitored from the same screen using the new LogWare III client-server software. Ethernet also allows for the possibility for remote connectivity over the Internet, so that critical conditions can be monitored from a remote location and data can be sent to a printer through the RS-232 interface in real time.

Mathematical and statistical functions

In addition to temperature and humidity, the DewK calculates dew point, heat index and rates of change for both temperature and humidity. Min, max and a variety of other statistics are also calculated and can be shown on-screen. Daily summary statistics, including min, max and maximum rates of change are stored for the most recent 60 days.

Calibrated sensors

The DewK has inputs for two sensors, each measuring both temperature and relative humidity, so that the DewK can monitor two locations simultaneously. Both sensors can be run via extension cables to remote locations up to 33 metres away, or one sensor can be directly mounted to the top of the DewK.

Each sensor is calibrated for both temperature and humidity at Fluke Calibration. The calibration constants assigned to the sensors reside in a memory chip located inside the sensor housing, so sensors may be used interchangeably between different DewKs. Sensors may also be assigned a unique identifier up to 16 characters to facilitate record keeping by matching the sensor identifier with the collected data.


The DewK has an impressive memory capacity – enough to store up to 400 000 date and time stamped data points. This translates to two years of data for both measurements from two sensors from readings taken at ten minute intervals.

Alarms and battery backup

Alarm settings are easily made, based on temperature, the rate of change in temperature, RH, the rate of change in RH, and instrument fault conditions. Alarms can be both visual (flashing display) and audible (beeping). Likewise, alarm settings can be set up and events triggered in LogWare III. The DewK is also equipped with a 0 to 12 V alarm output that can trigger a process control system. A backup battery shuts down the DewK’s display but maintains measurements for up to 16 hours in the event of a power failure.

Variable display

Finally, the DewK can be configured to display in up to 16 different setups that can be stored, recalled and easily modified.

Features at a glance

• Superior accuracy

• Network enabled

• Powerful logging and analysis tools

• Two interchangeable calibrated sensors

• Huge memory

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