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Background suppression laser sensor

March 2019 Sensors & Transducers

Turck’s Q5X laser sensor solves the most difficult distance-based applications, even at acute angles. The high-power laser sensor features excess gain, which enables the sensor to detect dark objects (<6% reflective black targets) at distances from 10 cm to 2 m.

In addition, the Q5X detects black targets against a black background, black targets against a shiny metal background, clear and reflective objects, multicolour packaging, and targets of all colours.

Combine power and versatility to solve more challenges

With industry-standard rectangular housing and 270-degree rotatable M12 QD, the Q5X sensor meets a wide variety of mounting constraints. In addition, the sensor features stable detection all the way to 2 metres even at an angle, which enables still greater mounting flexibility. The sensor is rated IP67 for reliable performance in wet environments. An extensive range of metal protective brackets is available to cater for the most difficult industrial environments. With an intuitive user interface, the sensor is simple to deploy, saving time and costs. In addition, dual teach mode enables multiple conditions to be verified – such as part presence and orientation – with a single device. This reduces sensor inventory requirements, as well as installation and maintenance costs.

Remote configuration and monitoring

The Q5X is highly configurable and can be programmed via on-board user interface, remote teach, IO-Link, or optional remote sensor display (RSD). The RSD enables remote setup and monitoring, and stores up to six configurations to facilitate product changeover and simplify device replacement. The RSD can remain inline to monitor sensors in difficult-to-reach locations, or it can be removed after configuration.

The Q5X laser sensor solves a wide variety of challenging applications in food and beverage, packaging, material handling, and automotive industries. Applications include:

• Part in place inspections.

• Part motion complete.

• Detection of black plastic, leather, and rubber parts.

• End of line pallet detection.

• Shrink wrap detection.

• Carton full/empty.

• Box, tote, and pallet detection.

• Detection of construction materials.

For more information contact Brandon Topham, Turck Banner, +27 11 453 2468,,


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