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New Schneider Electric pressure transmitters with FoxCal Technology

March 2019 Pressure Measurement & Control

Through its Foxboro brand, Schneider Electric continues to provide high-quality instrumentation to customers through the introduction of a multi-tiered pressure transmitter line. The new transmitters are designed to make processes more profitable by providing the opportunity to select a transmitter offering at the best price/performance ratio for the application, with the added value offered by Foxcal technology. In addition, these transmitters have TÜV Safety SIL2 certification standard.

Features and benefits

This new Schneider Electric pressure transmitter family gives users the opportunity to select the best pressure transmitter to meet for any application requirement. These low power instruments are offered with a wide variety of features, communication protocols (4-20 mA HART, Foundation Fieldbus and 1-5 VDC), materials, certificates, accessories, and services, which all add to the performance capabilities and versatility of the range.

Premium performance

For the most demanding applications, the best accuracy available is required. For these choose Premium Transmitters with accuracy up to 0,025% reading and stability better than 0,015% (upper range limit) per year for 10 years, with FoxCal technology embedded and SIL2 certification standard.

Advanced performance

One transmitter that covers most applications: with FoxCal dynamic technology, users benefit from wide rangeability, keeping accuracy at the highest level. With an accuracy of 0,05% of reading and SIL2 safety certification as standard, these advanced pressure transmitters cover most plant pressure sensors requirements with only a few models to capture the phrase – one transmitter does it all.

Value performance

Here, Schneider Electric provides an economical pressure transmitter without compromising on quality. It has been designed for applications requiring accuracy of 0,075% span, where customers benefit from a robust construction. It complies with industry standards, including SIL2 safety certification as standard.

FoxCal Technology explained

Where traditional transmitter suppliers have a 2-point static calibration selected according to the sensor limits ‘zero and span’, Schneider Electric implement the patented FoxCal dynamic technology that includes 11 calibration curves all in 1 transmitter. This is 10 times more data stored permanently in sensor memory. FoxCal technology allows the pressure transmitter to transition automatically and selects the best calibration curve based on the sensor’s input. Accuracy is thus always improved to the best level expressed as a percentage of reading.

With FoxCal technology and TÜV SIL2 safety certification, coupled with high accuracy and reliability, the multi-tiered pressure transmitter family is an ideal solution to optimise investments and realise savings. The same transmitter can now be deployed for standard and safety applications.

Communication and maintenance

To guarantee easy integration of the pressure transmitters, Schneider Electric pressure transmitters and associated configuration files have all been tested in dedicated interoperability laboratories. In addition, all devices are compatible with Field Device Interface technology.

For ease of maintenance and plant start-up, embedded diagnostics have been improved with the latest communication protocol versions. A feature of the new transmitters is the inclusion of two real-time clocks that have been integrated to keep track of the number of days the transmitter has been in service in the field. This is a key parameter for predictive maintenance available on Hart and Foundation Fieldbus.

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