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Precise chloride and sulphate monitoring

March 2019 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Chlorides and sulphates cause pitting and stress corrosion in expensive power plant components, such as turbines and boilers, leading to extensive maintenance and unplanned shutdowns. Monitoring these ions at low ppb levels is therefore a key measurement in power plant chemistry.

Mettler Toledo Thornton’s 3000CS analyser is an on-line instrument for direct measurement of chlorides and sulphates in pure water and power cycle chemistry samples. The analyser continuously monitors these highly corrosive contaminants to assist in corrosion control and minimising damage to critical power plant equipment. Early, unambiguous detection of trace levels of chloride and sulphate ions is provided with minimal operator supervision.

Controlling chloride and sulphate in power plants

The 3000CS analyser automatically performs direct chloride and sulphate measurements in the water/steam cycle. The most important point in the cycle is at the turbine inlet, to ensure that only acceptable levels of chlorides and sulphates enter with the steam into the turbine. For boiler feedwater monitoring, the analyser ensures low ppb levels of contaminants. For condensate monitoring, it detects breakthrough at condensate polisher of contaminants and deterioration of sulphated cation resin. Low chloride and sulphate levels are ensured in makeup water by monitoring them after all treatment stages, before the water is sent to the storage tank that feeds the water/steam cycle.

Low cost of ownership: typically, chloride and sulphate measurements are done with off-line technologies, such as ion chromatography and inductively coupled plasma. The 3000CS provides accurate chloride and sulphate measurements continuously, delivering a rapid return on investment by eliminating the need for costly internal or external lab tests.

Easy to maintain with ISM predictive diagnostics: the unit features semi-automatic calibration and an intuitive touchscreen interface. Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology provides diagnostics that predict when maintenance or replacement of consumables will be required.

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