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Simple connection of converters supports cloud-based applications

February 2019 IT in Manufacturing

The new Sinamics Connect 300 from Siemens provides a simple plug-and-play solution for integrating converters of the Sinamics family into the IT world. The new solution is suitable for low-voltage converters and supports cloud-based digitalisation solutions.

MindSphere applications such as Analyze MyDrives can now be used directly via Sinamics Connect 300. Sinamics Connect 300 is an IoT gateway with its own dedicated LAN connection. The converter is connected directly to the Sinamics Connect 300 terminal block. Parameters, operating data and statuses are being transmitted over universal serial interface protocol and can be retrieved at any time. No modifications are necessary to the hardware or firmware of drives used with Sinamics Connect 300, nor do PLC programs need to be adjusted. Commissioning takes place conveniently and simply using a web server user interface. Sinamics Connect 300 does not bring about any changes to the data and signal flow of the machine automation, nor does it place any additional load on the fieldbus of the machine or plant. This makes the use of Sinamics Connect 300 completely independent of the automation and enables rapid, trouble-free and low-cost commissioning. The simultaneous connection of up to eight drives opens up outstanding economies of scale, and the Sinamics Connect 300 is also highly suited for machine users looking to directly upgrade heterogeneous legacy machine fleets in brown field projects.

Analyze MyDrives now also available for the latest MindSphere version

The MindSphere app Analyze MyDrives is being prepared for use with the latest MindSphere version. Analyze MyDrives allows operators to monitor the drive components of their machines. The app collates and evaluates all the operating data, and can be used to analyse and visualise any parameters, or to define the threshold values and work area. By continuously monitoring power consumption, torque and frequency, it enables the determination of actual maintenance requirements. As a result, machine operators are informed about any critical operating statuses within the drive train, and machine builders are able to offer servicing tailored to actual needs. Regular machine maintenance performed generally at predefined intervals is no longer required, enhancing machine capacity utilisation and productivity while reducing maintenance intervals and downtimes. The analysis of operating data also enables predictive maintenance and so reduces the risk of unscheduled costs, allowing all optimisation potential to be channelled into energy-saving measures.

For more information contact Jennifer Naidoo, Siemens Digital Factory and Process Industries and Drives, +27 11 652 2795,,


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