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The PushPull V4 Industrial
June 2018, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

The PushPull V4 was developed for Ethernet cabling in industrial buildings and consequently become the IEC standard. Since Ethernet has now penetrated into the field, it was time to set a standard for industrial device cabling with the new version of this proven interface. Among other things, it now features a new housing material designed to withstand very aggressive chemicals, a lock, and a more flexible cable entry.

Which properties are particularly important for a connector in terms of modularity and Industrie 4.0? If users are asked, simple and fast handling is just as important as robustness and the resulting usage spectrum.

Industrial production processes are becoming ever more modular and flexible, and cabling and connection technology must take this into account. Downtime during conversion work costs a system operator money, and naturally must be kept as short as possible. lf production must be relocated or switched over, Harting’s PushPull system can be used to disconnect and reconnect the industrial lifelines in seconds. To optimise this process, Harting gave the PushPull a facelift.

The PushPull now meets the toughest requirements

The PushPull V4 Industrial has a new housing material, which additionally protects it against extremely aggressive chemicals such as cutting oils in turning and milling centres. These and other aggressive operating materials present increased challenges for connectors, but the PushPull now meets the toughest requirements.

In order to make locking the connector even more secure, the new version has an additional anti-rotation device which secures the locking element in the plugged state to ensure process reliability against pulling.

Process reliability is also guaranteed by the connector’s simple and intuitive operation. Consequently, the second generation of the PushPull has only one cable clamp instead of three, with a larger cable diameter of 4,5-10 mm diameter. This relegates loose fit and poor strain relief to the past.

To increase the speed of the plug-and-play principle, the new PushPull has been fitted with two different colour markings. The first is used to provide a quick overview of whether the connector and the socket are correctly aligned so that plugging can occur without problems. The second serves to ensure the correct arrangement of plug and socket. If an application features numerous PushPull connectors installed side-by-side, the installer will have an easier time eliminating incorrect wiring.

In short, the new PushPull V4 Industrial increases process reliability in industrial device cabling, saving assembly time and ensuring simplified and safe handling even in demanding applications.

Supplied By: Harting South Africa
Tel: +27 11 575 0017
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