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Fibre optic sheet break detector

February 2017 Sensors & Transducers

Kajaani Process Measurements’ KB2 fibre optic sheet break detector is designed to handle all kinds of break detection applications. With RGB-colour based sensing it can detect different colours and then separate wire/felt reflection easily from the paper. It is the perfect choice for installations in unclean, steamy and high temperature environments, or where the space is limited.

Non-contact optical measurement

The break detection system is designed to monitor sheet breaks in harsh environments and is proven in hundreds of installations around the world. The non-contact sensor is placed above or under the web to be monitored.

Thanks to the air purged system in the sensor head, keeping the optics free from dirt, steam or high temperatures, KB2 is also suitable for open-draw applications where breaks can be detected against felt, wire, or even against a cylinder.

The instrument has both, RGB or infrared light sources to perform with all paper and board grades and applications regardless of colour. The RGB colour measurement can handle all sheet, wire and felt colours providing reliable break detection.

Fast break detection and easy setup

The digital signal processing technology measures all signals a thousand times per second. Since the system is immune to ambient light changes by measuring the backlight intensity, the break detection delay is very short, a minimum of 15 ms – with digital filtration the user can select how many measurement cycles should be used for break detection.

KB2 unit’s large display and logical user interface allows easy setup of break detection by selecting the measurements which give the highest signal difference. Break signals and maintenance alarms are wired to the PLC or DCS. It has optional PC software for monitoring, including a data collection feature. The 4-20 mA current outputs for the signal levels are also available as an option.

Sensor head and flexible conduit

The fibre optic cable is located inside the straight stainless steel sensor head, which is 1,5 m long. Between the sensor head and the display unit the fibre optic cable is located inside the flexible conduit. Purge air is led through the conduit to keep the sensor head window open.

For more information contact Stuart Brown, UIC Instrumentation, +27 (0)31 468 2561,,


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