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October 2016 Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

As the demand for high-definition broadcasting signal transmissions has increased and the transition to DTV/HDTV has been fully realised, the role of fibre optics continues to grow, whether live or in the studio. Fibre optic infrastructures offer the advantage of higher bandwidth, optical signal clarity and more reliable real-time transmissions, enabling providers to service even more applications for emerging technologies such as 4K ultra high-definition television (UHDTV), Internet-protocol television (IPTV), and multi-channel audio.

AFL’s broadcast fibre optic cable solutions provide an efficient and reliable way to manage signal transport. Designed to survive the challenges of studio and deployable broadcast applications, AFL’s tight-buffered cables are water and UV resistant, can be deployed and retrieved as needed, and are resistant to impact, bends and harsh conditions. Available in a range of fibre types, cable configurations, enhanced abrasion resistance options, and low-friction jacket selections, AFL’s products are distinctively suited for fibre optic assemblies used in professional and commercial AV applications.

As a natural complement to its ruggedised broadcast cables, AFL offers a premier line of fusion splicers and connectors ideal for on-demand field splicing of broadcast fibbers. In addition, for digital studio and production applications, AFL can provide a full line of traditional fibre backbone and connectivity products designed specifically to ease broadcast workflow and support high-definition signal transmission.


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