Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Compact infrared camera from Instrotech

March 2016 Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Instrotech has announced the availability of the Optris PI camera, featuring online thermal imaging systems at an affordable cost-to-performance ratio. Developed for thermal detection and automatic hot or cold spot identification, typical applications include process automation and portable measurement tasks.

The camera covers a temperature range from -20 to 1500°C, and is ready to be used immediately after connection to a PC or laptop via USB. The Optris PI Connect software displays the captured temperature data as a thermal image, while remotely controlling the camera.

The Optris PI delivers thermal images in real time with a frequency of up to 128 Hz. Fast processes can be captured and stored as snapshots or video sequences and it is possible to detect small temperature differences of an object due to the unit’s high thermal sensitivity range.

Optris PI200 using Bi-Spectral technology can combine a visual image with a thermal image, which can be captured time-synchronously. In a ready-to-use mode, the camera’s weight is not more than 320 grams, including lens and cable. In combination with a tablet PC, the cameras are used as a mobile solution for preventive maintenance or construction thermography, covering the existing gap between portable infrared snapshot cameras and pure fixed devices.

Ingress protection and cooling

The Optris PI thermal imager’s housing is rated IP67 (NeMA-4) protection class and can be installed in surroundings with temperatures up to 50°C. For applications of up to 100°C, the Optris PI, together with an air cooling system like the Vortex air purge collar, protects the lens from dirt. The optional cooling housing allows for the installation of the camera in rough industrial surroundings; it can be used for ambient temperatures of up to 240°C in combination with water cooling systems.

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