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New System pro E Power modular switchboards

March 2016 Electrical Power & Protection

The arrival of ABB’s innovative main distribution switchboard solution, System pro E Power, in the South African market provides a modular switchboard solution rated up to 6300 A with short-circuit current up to 120 kA. The system provides an industry-leading level of flexibility, combined with simplicity and speed of assembly, to local switchboard manufacturers.

The ABB product development team carefully considered the views and experiences of modular switchboard users world-wide for the design and manufacture of a new, ABB low-voltage equipment focused, switchboard solution. This solution meets all electrical installation requirements with respect to degree of protection, segregation and all electrical characteristics in accordance with the latest international standards (IEC).

System pro E Power concentrates on three key pillars to make the system a key-resource for panel builders; flexibility, speed and simplicity.


Ultra-high technological standards can be achieved thanks to System pro E Power, since the vast array of accessories and configurations available allow tailor-made solutions to be created. The key features include an innovative method of supplying uprights and cross-pieces in kits, with depth and width measurements able to create up to 120 configurations of varying sizes, using common modular components.

This flexibility enables the assembler to provide a wide range of functional dimensions; height options of 1800 or 2000 mm, width range from 300 to 1250 mm and depth from 200 to 900 mm.

Furthermore, protection classes are provided for all types of applications; ranging from a basic IP30 to an industry-first IP65 ingress rating.


System pro E Power reduces the time required for assembly prior to switchboard commissioning. Whatever the configuration may be, each component has been designed for ultra-fast assembly and wiring due to quick and effective techniques for mounting the kits and distribution systems.

Internal segregation Form kits are available; a single basic kit can be used for Form 1 through Form 4b, with the addition of accessories in sequence, both for moulded-case and air circuit breakers. Additionally, Form 2b with front connections and front access kits are available; another noteworthy innovation.


System pro E Power simplifies assembly operations due to pioneering solutions, both for the circuit breaker and main distribution busbar installation. To illustrate the simplicity, a common busbar system is employed in all applications, with linear and scaled solutions for busbar holders. As a result, the busbars may be installed in any position, at the rear or at the side, vertically and under the roof, on the floor and on any horizontal level.

In an ever-increasingly competitive environment, the features of ABB’s System pro E Power distribution boards make a compelling argument to consider the switchboard for any power distribution application.

For more information contact Rod Lezar, ABB South Africa, +27 (0)10 202 5880, roderick.lesar@za.abb.com, www.abb.com


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