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Moxa introduces new mobile network app

December 2015 IT in Manufacturing

Moxa has announced the release of the MXview ToGo app, a mobile client of its MXview industrial network management software. The app provides real-time event alerts, instant network/device status checks, and smart device identification and location. With this mobile tool users have instant access to network updates, even when on the move.

MXview ToGo and MXview industrial network management software (v2.6 and later) work together as a client/server network management solution. The MXview software provides a visual representation of your network topology, and allows users to perform configuration, traffic load monitoring, and historical event playback.

Using the app, network administrators receive event notification pushed directly to their mobile phones, allowing them to check the health of the network from their phone, including whether the network is operating normally, warnings have been issued, or a critical situation requires immediate attention. When administrators are at a field site doing a regular inspection or troubleshooting, MXview ToGo can be used to scan a QR code to view specific device information, without connecting to a laptop computer. In addition, with the built-in device locator feature, users can trigger a particular device’s LED to blink, giving them the ability to quickly locate a specific device out of hundreds of similar devices.

“Being able to monitor and manage the network and devices is essential to ensuring smooth operation. However, with evolving business operations, administrators are often on the move. This makes it difficult for them to stay informed of any changes in the status of their devices and networks, let alone troubleshoot situations that should be resolved immediately,” said Yiwei Chen, product manager of Moxa’s industrial Ethernet infrastructure division. “Now, with MXview ToGo, administrators can continuously monitor their network – anytime, anywhere.”

Download MXstudio 2.2 trial software at

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