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Omron relays make safety simpler

January 2015 Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

With just three models, safety relays in the new G9SR range from Omron cover virtually all common control system safety requirements in standalone applications. With built-in intelligence that maximises their flexibility, the new relays feature front-panel DIP switches for fast, easy configuration and customisation, together with LED indicators for at-a-glance status monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Key characteristics of the new safety relay modules include certification to category PLe in line with EN/ISO 13849-1, fast response time to ensure minimum stopping times, solid-state outputs for long-life wear-free operation, compact housings to save space in control panels and removable spring-type terminals to ensure rapid straightforward installation. All units are equipped with an additional monitoring output to provide diagnostic information for use by the standard control system.

The basic unit in the G9SR family is just 17,5 mm wide and has single- or double-channel safety inputs, plus double-channel solid-state safety outputs. The outputs are rated at 2 A, which makes them suitable for direct switching of even large contactors.

Complementing the basic unit is the advanced unit, which is 22,5 mm wide and has single- or double-channel safety inputs plus double-channel safety relay outputs rated at 5 A. For applications where input expansion is needed, each advanced unit can control up to two G9SR basic units that are configured as additional safety inputs to the same safety function.

The extension unit in the G9SR family is 22,5 mm wide, has three safety relay outputs rated at 5 A. These outputs can be configured for instantaneous operation or provide independent safe on- and off-delay timers that can be set in sixteen steps to give a maximum delay of 90 seconds. Up to three G9SR output expansion units can be connected to an advanced unit to provide one instantaneous safety output on the advanced module plus three time-controlled safety outputs on the extension units.

For more information contact Michelle le Roux, Omron, +27 (0)11 579 2600, michelle.le.roux@eu.omron.com, www.industrial.omron.co.za


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